Welcome to Our Introduction to Antique Pavers


About Antique Pavers

Antique pavers are a very popular choice of pavers for many homeowners, designers, builders and architects. This is because Antique pavers can achieve that 15th Century type of ‘old world’ feel. This type of pavers has been used for several years and they are featured on some historical building all over the world.    

Antique Pavers

Their age is unknown but their timeless effect and weathered look create a rustic charm. Nowadays, pavers are being manufactured to replicate the look of the Antique Pavers. Machines that were built 40 to 50 years ago are producing these exclusive pavers by the pallet load, due to their increasing popularity.

There are Four Main Categories of Antique Pavers.


Imitation antique pavers are as their name states. They are normal concrete pavers that are produced to look antique though 40 to 50 year old machines. They are he perfect choice for rough areas and they are inexpensive

Antique Pavers

Clay and Brick

Clay and brick antique pavers are produced after or at the time of the firing process. The temperature is increased immensely, which helps in achieving the rustic look and texture.

Natural Stone

Forms of limestone, granite, cobblestone and many more after long periods of time they become antique. Some are around about 200 to 300 years in age and still in great conditions.

Natural Stone Pavers


This type is normally found in bluestone. Its shape is squared. Some types are known to be anywhere between 200 to 400 years old.

The Benefits of Antique Pavers

There are many benefits all types of pavers have to offer. This particular type of paver is highly unique and stylish. They offer many benefits such as:

1. Versatility – they can be used almost anywhere around the home. Popular applications are walkways, patios, driveways, courtyards, garden paths and sidewalks.

2. Variety – they are available in many highly decorative colors, shapes and sizes to accommodate your indoor and outdoor design needs.

Paved Pathway

3. Durability – they are highly durable and able to withstand today’s harsh weather conditions. Their versatility makes them easily used in public places such as historical sites, parks and shopping centers.

4. Strength – Their ability to cope immensely with freeze- thaw cycles is truly a benefit.

5. Ease of installation – They can be easily installed by yourself or by a skilled masonry contractor.

6. Low maintenance – Maintenance is carried out so simply. It is done by using special cleaners which help keep to amazing qualities of the paver.

Long Term Cost Benefits

Original types are very costly and hard to be replaced
In today’s day and age,,antique pavers are being made in imitation forms which makes it more affordable to anyone who wants to choose antique pavers for their residential application

Antique Pavers

Replica’s being made today can be purchased at reasonable prices. Another advantage is this type can be replaced quite easily.

Seek you local paver’s retailer on which antique pavers would be most suited for your project.