How to Maintain Antique Pavers?


Things to Look Out for

Having an antique paved area around your home or business is stylish, decorative and enhancing. Whether it is the entrance to your home, your driveways, out front of your business or in your garden it still needs to be properly maintained otherwise it may cause an accident to happen.

Antique Pavers

Here are certain signs that you should look out for:

  1. They are cracking and the edges are chipped.
  2. Their position is shifted
  3. Weeds and mosses are growing between the joints.
  4. Harsh substances  have affected the texture of the antique pavers.
  5. Snow has not been removed thoroughly, which may cause slippage.
  6. Dirt, scum and grime covering the pavers.

These are all simple signs that will allow you to realize maintenance is now needed.

Cracked Paver


Simple Maintenance Procedure

Sweeping Pavers

Antique pavers are very unique and in some cases may be very expensive to purchase and then expensive to replace if not maintained properly and may need repairs  To ensure that you get the best performance out of your Antique Pavers , simple maintenance must be carried out regularly.

Step 1: Firstly you should check on the pavers at least once a week ensuring that there are no cracks, shifting or stains.

Step 2: Secondly simply use a broom to sweep over the area to remove all dust and dirt.

Step 3: Thirdly, you can either give the pavers a wash down with warm soapy water, or you can use a high pressured hose to remove all excess stains, dust and dirt.

These 3 steps take no time at all. To ensure that your antique pavers retain their natural and artificial beauty, just follow this recommended maintenance procedure.


Cleaners are necessary to assist you with the maintenance of your antique pavers. Cleaners are specially formulated solution that offers many benefits such as:

  • They keep the pavers maintain their natural state.
  • Cleaners help keep colors bright
  • They will remove all harsh stains easily without any scrubbing required.
Pavers in need of Cleaning

It is important that you seek your local retailer as to which cleaning product is best for antique pavers. Antique pavers are highly unique and can be affected by acidic cleaners if used.


Sealing Pavers

Sealers offer many advantages. They help increase the life span of a paver, keep their colors looking fresh and bright and they prevent stains from penetrating through to the pavers.

Antique pavers do require a sealer that allows them to breathe. This helps their old world and rustic textures. Using a breathable sealer will allow the exclusive colors of antique pavers to intensify and brighten with age. Sealing should take place at least a month after installation. The ground and pavers need to settle before sealing can begin.

Applying a sealer at least once a year will only help further protect the unique qualities that antique pavers have to offer.