Laying Patterns for Antique Pavers


About Antique Pavers

There are three main categories of antique pavers. They include:

  1. Authentic
  2. Man made
  3. Natural stone

Authentic antique pavers are produced over millions of years by nature. Man made antique pavers is manufactured in 50-year-old machines all over the world. The special machines are designed to produce the “antiqued look”.

Antique Pavers

Natural stone antique pavers are also produced over millions of years by nature. Natural stones such as: bluestone, sandstone, limestone and granite all produce antique pavers.

Each one of these types is different in their own ways. They all achieve magical settings and are most suited to all pavement constructions. Antique pavers are still being used all around the world today for many modern and heritage applications. The different applications include:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Pool areas

These are just some of the popular applications antique pavers are used for today.

Laying Patterns When Installing Antique Pavers

There are several styles of laying patterns for antique pavers Your choice will depend on the overall look and design you want to achieve. Patterns can enhance the look of your paved area. In larger areas you can choose to use a pattern that is quite busy. In smaller areas you can choose a pattern that is more calm and flowing. Antique pavers have a beauty of their own, choosing a perfect laying pattern will only compliment and enhance the features of antique pavers.

Installing Patterns

Laying Pavers

These days people prefer to have a go and find DIY projects simple, especially paving projects. Antique paver patterns are quite easily installed. Most manufactures nowadays supply a written step-by-step guide on how to install pavers. You can also purchase a patterned grid that will guide you through the laying patterns process, making it simple for all. If you’re not so confident you can simply hire your local contractor to do the job.

Types of Patterns

Antique pavers are commonly seen in laying patterns such as;

  • Herringbone at 90 degrees
  • Herringbone at 45 degrees
  • Parquet
  • Running bond
  • Random


The random pattern consists of different types of shapes being placed in a random order. The joints are then filled with sand that adds to the antique look and feel of the paver. The random pattern is installed easily, as there is no set way to installing the pavers. You’re simply creating your own random pattern.         

Random Pattern

Running Bond

Running Bond

The running bond pattern is the most basic pattern that is used most commonly for driveway, patio and walkway applications. It consists of pavers being placed side by side, line-by-line.

A pretty straightforward installation process that is so basic anyone can do it. The main concern for this pattern is that you’re paving in a straight line. This problem will not occur if you use a level and line thin pieces of string to guide you to paving the running bond pattern.

Herringbone 90 and 45 degrees

Herringbone is another popular pattern that antique pavers are used in. this laying pattern consists of a paver being placed at the chosen degree (90 or 45) and the other is placed at the opposite degree. This pattern is mostly suited to patios and courtyards, especially when antique pavers are used.
Herringbone Pattern