Types of Antique Pavers


About Antique Pavers

The exquisiteness and individuality of antique pavers is one of their main benefits. They give an old word feel and look. They’re ageless and worn textures give a 15th century outlook.

Antique pavers will add beauty and magnificence to any residential or commercial paving applications. These days age there are many types to choose from

Antique Tan

Antique Brick Pavers

These pavers are used on many applications such as:
  • Flooring
  • Courtyards
  • Landscaping
  • Patios
  • Driveways
Antique Gold
They offer a rustic feel and appearance. The pavers are made to look antique during the firing process. The temperature at the firing process is highly increased. This is needed to produce the antiqued appearance and texture.

Antique Granite Cobblestone Pavers

These exclusive pavers range from 200 to 300 years old. They have been used most commonly in European countries over many centuries. They are the perfect choice for achieving a rustic look.

Their shape is irregular and laying patterns are generally random. They offer many fine colors that also add to their rustic feel. Some of these colors include;

Granite Antique Pavers

  • Gray
  • Purple
  • Smoke
  • Green
  • Ash

These antique pavers are one of the most durable. They only get stronger with age. One of their fantastic qualities is their ability to withstand the length of time, which makes them irreplaceable.

Imitation Antique Pavers

Imitation Antique Pavers

Imitation antique pavers are produced by many manufactures today. People tend to purchase these pavers due to their similarity to unique antique pavers. Their appearance may be similar but they may not be ablle to with stand harsh weather and conditions that could affect their texture. They do offer the same look as natural  antique pavers. They’re available in many colors, sizes, and shapes. They are mainly being used on outdoor flooring applications such as; driveways, patios, walkways and sidewalks. They are also inexpensive which is a great advantage for all homeowners, as they can achieve an antique look without the high cost.

Tumbled Antique Pavers

This type of antique pavers gives an old English world feel. Predominately tumbled bluestone is commonly used due to its rustic textures and durability. With this type of pavers you are limited when choosing a shape. Their feature shape is seen as squared and their edges are smooth and rounded. Their main colors include; blue’s, grays, green’s and many more. They will add class and style to any area they are laid in.   

Tumbled Antique Pavers

Antique Clay Pavers

Antique Clay Pavers These are man made materials, and they are produced by many manufactures all over the world. A specially built machine was made 50 to 60 years ago especially for this type of paver. The firing process is heated up more than normal to achieve the old world and cobble look that antique pavers have. The extra heat that is provided helps achieve the rustic look. This process is and inexpensive one making antique clay pavers the popular choice for many applications nowadays. Antique Clay Pavers are available in many exclusive colors, sizes, and shapes.