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Article 1:   Indoor Plants Can Clear Air January 28, 2007

With winter lashing the Windy City, the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA) turns its attention indoors this month. Studies show that plants can make a big difference in air quality at your home and office, the association points out.

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Article 2:   Freeway Parks Gaining Momentum January 21, 2007

Before the 1970s, building a park over a major urban artery would have been unlikely. That was until Seattle completed Freeway Park in 1976, a 5.2-acre park that bridges a downtown section of Interstate 5 near the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.

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Article 3:   Garden Fountains: Making Mother Nature Come Home January 15, 2007

When you hear the word landscaping, most people immediately think of flowerbeds, shrubbery, and lawn care. But not all landscaping has to be "natural." In fact, by adding manmade ornaments, a backyard can be transformed into a work of art. A garden fountain is an easy way to enhance your exterior landscape by combining the aesthetic beauty of a sculpture with the natural feel of a waterfall.

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Article 4:   Solar Trees for Google’s Parking Lot January 09, 2007

Another innovative move from the internet-based company Google—this time in the landscaping of their parking lot. This spring, Google’s plans to renovate the parking lot of their headquarters, located in Mountain View, California with groves of solar trees will be completed. Google hired Energy Innovations to design and build the project, which has already completed six solar projects for “green” businesses.

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Article 5:   VEGETABLE GARDEN January 09, 2007

Planning and planting a successful vegetable garden

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