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Article 1:   Overview of Hardscape Products November 28, 2006

In the past, the landscape product industry has based its offerings on plant installation and their subsequent maintenance. Along with the installation of trees, shrubs and ground cover plantings, occasionally came a need for a bed edging or a retaining wall structure. What was originally an occasional “non-green” requirement for landscaping has now grown into a multi-million dollar industry.

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Article 2:   Retaining Walls Serve Many Purposes November 28, 2006

The use of the retaining wall system has allowed landscape contractors to virtually build sites that were basically unbuildable in the past. It has allowed them to shape the landscape and to beautify hardscape projects in the commercial and residential markets. It also, gives landscape architects creative lines and options in which to design award winning projects!

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Article 3:   A Slope as the Perfect Canvas November 28, 2006

Imagine Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night”, but, instead of canvas painted in a swirl and swarm of those original colors, make it a slope “painted” in a subtle array of intertwining greens—gray green, brown greens, olive greens, blue greens with sparkling yellow green dots.

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Article 4:   ‘Tis the Season November 28, 2006

Fall is prime time for pruning flowering trees. Most are ready for pruning 30 days after blooms and fruit are gone.

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Article 5:   To Stake or Not to Stake? And If You Do, How? November 28, 2006

Many balled and burlapped (B&B) trees with good root systems do not require stakes to hold them firm in the soil because their root balls are heavy enough to prevent movement in moderately windy weather, says Dr. Ed Gilman of the University of Florida. Some may require staking if the wire basket is removed at planting, he says, or if the roots are not firm in the root ball.

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