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Article 1:   Johns Hopkins releases Mower Safety Info May 15, 2007

The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center recently published an article on the rise in lawn mower-related accidents that usually start to occur in March or April, citing mower injuries as the leading cause of amputations in adolescents.

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Article 2:   “Green” Landscaping Takes Off May 10, 2007

Did you know that close to 85 million American homes have a lawn, which adds up to 30 million acres of residential green? That’s just one of the interesting facts that appear in an April 27 Wall Street Journal story that took a close look at trends in the country’s $35 billion lawn and landscaping industry.

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Article 3:   Concrete Staining May 10, 2007

Most newer homes have large, unfinished basements and street-side garages, and as a result, the homeowner notices that concrete is the prevalent floor material around the house. Typical remodeling concepts cover the floor with carpet, wood, tile, etc. However, recent trends have been spicing up existing concrete with acid stains, rather than trying to hide it.

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Article 4:   Garden Fountains: Making Mother Nature Come Home May 10, 2007

When you hear the word landscaping, most people immediately think of flowerbeds, shrubbery, and lawn care. But not all landscaping has to be "natural." In fact, by adding manmade ornaments, a backyard can be transformed into a work of art. A garden fountain is an easy way to enhance your exterior landscape by combining the aesthetic beauty of a sculpture with the natural feel of a waterfall.

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Article 5:   Do You Need to Hire a Gardener? May 10, 2007

In these economically uncertain times, everyone is always looking for that really great deal. The ongoing hunt for the ideal gardener for landscape maintenance is no exception. The services offered by different gardeners vary greatly and the lowest price doesn't always mean the best deal. Value and peace of mind, as well as price, are important factors to consider when selecting a gardener.

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