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Article 1:   Changing the American Landscape August 28, 2005

Segmental paving in the U.S. has primarily been used by the architectural community for aesthetic reasons only, although concrete pave stones have historically been used in Europe for their performance attributes as well as architectural characteristics. However, the vast array of available pave stone products for commercial, industrial and residential applications is fast changing the American landscape.

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Article 2:   Hardscape Restraints August 28, 2005

Focusing on Paver Edging

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Article 3:   Lighting the Way- Illuminated Pavers August 11, 2005

In-ground lighting can beautify and increase the safety of any outdoor patio or walkway where paving stones are being used. These lights can withstand heavy loads, high impact, and highly corrosive conditions when installed flush with the pavement material.

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Article 4:   Patterns of Success August 11, 2005

confused with a "soldier" course, sailor courses are pavers side by side with their bedside up like sailors standing in a line. A "soldier" course is similar in that the p...

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Article 5:   The Color of Light- Illuminating the Landscape August 11, 2005

Color temperature and color rendering are two of the most critical aspects in understanding how light and landscape design is so very intertwined.

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