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March 21, 2019   
Paving Stones  October 14, 2005

By Renovation Experts

Paving stones are one of the few building materials that have stood the test of many years and are still around to prove their unrivaled longevity. Used by the Romans as part of their innovative road system nearly 2000 years ago, evidence of its unmatched life span still exist.


Unlike other substances that simply endure, pavors maintain their natural beauty and strength even under the most adverse of circumstances. Climate has little, if any effect, making them especially practical for northern climates where heavy winter traffic and snowplowing can be part of life for months at a time. The standard strength for paving stones is twice that of asphalt paving and three times that of your house foundation.


Can be installed over existing pavement options with little trouble. Easy installation makes for simple repairs on single stones should it become necessary. Additions to an existing paving stone driveway can be quickly matched and added.


The possibilities are endless and as the popularity grows in this field, imagination becomes reality. From traditional blocks of equal size to the integrating of various sizes and shapes into patterns that bespeak a unique look, paving stones are the industries premiere choice in aesthetics appeal.

Always one of the major considerations when planning a project, value can not be questioned in this case. Not only will you pride yourself on your choice, but residence of your home for years to come will also. Homes with a paving stone driveway resale at a higher level and more quickly then do their equivalents lacking this attribute.

Talk with one of our experts as they help you create a landscape and driveway that will stand the test of time and value.

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