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December 15, 2018   
New Hampshire LAs Greet Licensure  June 14, 2006

After two decades of effort, New Hampshire Landscape Architects are celebrating the state’s first licensure law.

Until this month, the state was one of just three that have no legislation regulating the practice or use of the title, “Landscape Architect.” In May, Colorado governor Bill Owens(R) angered LAs across the country when he vetoed a Landscape Architecture practice act. Vermont is the only other state in the country lacking LA legislation.

On Monday, June 5, Gov. John Lynch (D) signed HB 1458, which adds the Landscape Architecture profession to a joint regulatory board composed of engineers, architects, land surveyors, geologists and foresters. Earlier this spring, the state’s House unanimously approved the bill and the Senate gave it a thumbs-up with a 15 to 7 vote.

The result means that professionals will need to pass a test and become officially licensed to call themselves Landscape Architects and to practice landscape architecture in New Hampshire.

Landscape Architect R. Gordon Leedy, Jr. said a core group of dedicated volunteers had worked for years to make the licensure rule a reality. Leedy has led the effort to pass New Hampshire’s licensure bill with fellow Landscape Architects Randy Knowles, Anne Creuss, Beth Dermody and Greg Grigsby.
Local LAs have long chafed at the lack of state legislation, the latter said.

Without regulation, there is no precise count of the number of Landscape Architects in the state, but there are likely more than several dozen.

“There are about 50 licensed Landscape Architects (in New Hampshire) who have gotten licensed in other states,” Grigsby told Business NH Magazine in April.

Three previous attempts to pass licensure legislation in New Hampshire were derailed by opponents with ties to land surveyors and landscape designers, Leedy told

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