Bluestone Pavers - Another Natural Stone Paver

About Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone is a natural stone. It is called bluestone due to its usual blue-grey color. It is a mixture of sand compound and quartz particles. Bluestone has been quarried in the USA since the early 1900’s, particularly in the regions of New York and Pennsylvania.

Today bluestone pavers come in varying shapes and sizes, to suit a large range of uses, commercial or private.

Bluestone Pavers - A Natural Building Stone Material

Bluestone Pavers Bluestone pavers can be used for veneers, as building stones, and flagstone for paving. Bluestone slabs are used in the building industry for wall caps and treads. It is a very popular and versatile building product.

It is said that bluestone is the most versatile building stone on the market and has been for centuries. Bluestone pavers are ideal for use as an accent to sidewalks and fireplaces. They are also commonly used for capping steps and for the construction of stairways.

A Natural Landscaping Paver

Bluestone pavers are also widely used in the landscaping industry, for things such as patios, walkways, garden paths and pool decking. Bluestone pavers can also be of great use in and around the house, for example, fireplaces and steps. Bluestone will give any area around the home its own individual look!

Bluestone Tumbled Cobble pavers are particularly popular for around the garden. They are a great decorative addition to your garden paths, with a variety of colors available. Bluestone pavers will add natural beauty to your landscaping features!

Paver Colors

Bluestone can also vary in color from blues and grays, to brown, green, yellow, rust and at times purple. This variance in color shades is dependant on the depth at which the bluestone is quarried. The quality and texture of the bluestone is also directly impacted by the depth of quarry.

Bluestone Pavers have many subtle beautiful colors

This is why bluestone so unique, for every stone has varying shades, texture and quality from one to the other. Therefore, each time bluestone is applied to a patio, a garden path, or surrounding the pool, an individual look is created!

Benefits of Bluestone Pavers

  • Bluestone pavers are a very durable and versatile building material, due to its hard and dense composition.
  • Bluestone pavers are safe to use around the pool, for they have a non-slip finish to them.
  • Bluestone is often called ‘slate’, because it is the flattest stone of all the natural stones, making it very easy to install.
  • Bluestone pavers can be purchased in varying thicknesses and dimensions, something suitable for all types of applications.
  • Bluestone pavers will add natural beauty to your property, giving it that classical, ‘ancient’ aesthetic appeal!
  • Bluestone pavers are available in so many different colors. There is bound to be the right color to match any of your existing materials.