Maintaining Clay Brick Pavers


Why Choose brick Pavers?

They are the ideal and perfect choice for all home applications. They have the ability to make a dull area look brand new and stunning. You can apply brick pavers to all areas around your outdoors whether it's your patio, walkway, driveway, retaining wall or pool area, they will be sure to make a statement of beauty and integrity. You'll have your neighbors wanting to do their place the same...
Brick Pavers

Installation Process

The installation of brick pavers is simple. You can do it yourself or hire a professional contractor with paving experience. Firstly you should choose a design, color and pattern for the chosen area. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes for you to do so. Then you should begin to plan out where you will be laying the pavers. Thoroughly planning this project will have it done to perfection.

Maintenance Procedures

Well I bet your excited by the fact that you have a freshly paved part of your outdoors which is stunning and fantastic and makes you never want to go inside your home, that's the kind of affect brick pavers have because they are intensely beautiful.

Sealing Brick Pavers After the installation process is complete, you or the contractor should seal the pavers to further protect them. If you do not do so then they will become high in maintenance and they will not last a lifetime. So you must insist for them to be sealed. Brick pavers can be easily maintained. They are a very low in maintenance material which helps make them so widely used all around the world.

Here is a list of simple maintenance tasks which will help you obtain a brand new looking brick paved area.

1. Over time you will begin to notice that your brick pavers are looking a slight bit dull. This tends to happen over a year or so. If this is the case then they are in need of some resealing applications. This procedure is quite easy to carry out. Firstly you must cleaning them and let them to air dry. Once they are fully dry you can then begin to seal them using a specially formulated brick paver sealer.
Sweeping Brick Pavers

2. Debris, grime and dirt are the number one stains that will occur on not only brick paver flooring but all floorings. But never fear. This problem is easily taken care of by using warm soapy water. Run this solution over the affected area and leave it to soak for a couple of minutes. Then you should sweep over the area to ensure all dirt and grime is removed. Just by doing so you will be putting your brick pavers but to their original state.

Brick Pavers

3. A high pressured hose will be needed for this next maintenance suggestion. Just run over the pavers with the high pressured hose. This will get rid of dirt, dust and leaves that have come into contact with them. They will be looking fantastic after a quick wash down.

4. Last of all just run quick inspections on a weekly basis to ensure that your pavers are not damaged in any way that could harm or endanger others who use this area. Cracks, chips and shifting are all common problems we tend to face with pavers. But thankfully they can be easily repaired.