Clay Brick Pavers Photo Gallery


We built this photo gallery to provide the homeowner or developer with a good sampling of clay brick paver and landscaping designs that they might like to use as a source of inspiration and to help trigger their own creative landscaping ideas and creative talents. Everyone is capable of realizing their own landscaped paradise by drawing upon the proper architectural influences.
Brick Pavers

Clay brick pavers are versatile and offer flexible design possibilities that are certain to please a wide section of the community because brick pavers can be used in many different settings to achieve a refined architectural appearance.

Holland Brick PaverWhen viewing this photo gallery, you should be looking to take notice of the architectural themes and how the basic elements are applied to manifest the intended theme. Consider the way the designers use elements such as the colors, shapes and laying patterns. See how the colors are blended or mixed and matched to bring about a definitive style. Look at the way paver shapes are used to harmonize or contrast a landscaping area. Essentially, the more pictures you see the more you will identify how to use the basic elements for your very own pavement project.

This clay brick paver gallery could be the fastest route you could take to come up with your own paved landscaping themes. Keep an open mind, as you view the stark differences between all the brick paver themes. It will serve to reinforce the ones that you really disapprove of and distinguish them from the ones that you would want to add to your list of favorites.

We suggest that you compile a series of themes that you may want to show for the consideration of your, spouse, partner, family or paving professional so that they are able to better understand exactly what you are wanting to create in your property. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the themes to help you decide on the most desirable one. This would ensure that there will be no error when communicating with the people responsible for constructing your intended landscaping theme.

Keep a hard copy folder of pictures that you will be showing to everyone. As you sift through your list of themes make notes about the good and bad points of each theme.

By the end of the task you will have some real solid checklist of information to make a firm decision about your ideal choice.

Remember that your computer screen and printed copies will not be exactly the same colors as what the real brick pavers will look like in real life, so allow for some color differences on this basis. Ideally, you should obtain real brick paver samples from your supply store and bring them to the property to help identify which colors will suit your landscaping design. Good luck and enjoy the process.

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