Advantages of Cambridge Pavers

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The Benefits and Uses of Cambridge Pavers

A Cambridge paver is a manufactured paving stone that is created with an additional high concentration of extra dense concrete. The strength and durability of these pavers is amazing and often twice as good as the strength of other pavers.

The versatility of Cambridge pavers lies

Cambridge Paveres
within the Armortec coating on the top layer. Armortec consists of high-density concrete, sand granules and extra colors without any aggregate. These additives maintain color, smooth texture and protect the pavers from weather wear and tear.

Cambridge Paver Uses

Furthermore Cambridge pavers are used both commercially and residentially in the creation of driveways, walkways, garden, pool surrounds, street pavements and ports. Many people tend to adopt Cambridge pavers in the creation of such applications because they can utilize these pavers in decorating interior and exterior applications of their homes in a unified fashion. An example of this is a pool deck complemented by a matching walkway.
Residential Cambridge Pavers

Cambridge Pavers Benefits

A variety of shapes and designs

Another important feature of Cambridge pavers is the dozens of shapes, colors, and patterns available for different applications. Although the two most common shapes are square and rectangular, other shapes such as turfstone, Holland-stone, cobble-lock, weave-stone, marquise, diamond and tulip are commonly used in driveway, walkway, and patio paving.

Other Benefits of Cambridge Pavers include:

  • Ability to coincide with nature
  • Superior to asphalt, poured concrete and clay brick.
  • Can be easily repaired or replaced because of an excellent interlocking system that will not crack (mortar-less)
  • Skid resistant
  • Cambridge pavers are well known for their durability and longevity
  • They are twice as strong as most other products because they are long lasting and virtually maintenance-free
Cambridge pavers have a natural coloration
cambridge paver stepping stones
  • There are many colors and designs available
  • Cambridge pavers will not crack, due to an excellent interlocking system.
  • The armortec finish helps maintain color and a smooth texture for a lifetime.
  • The armortec finish protects the pavers from weather and wear and tear.
  • Cambridge pavers can be laid over existing concrete or asphalt driveways.
  • They are not affected by snow and ice.
  • Cambridge pavers are skid-resistant
  • They are cost-effective, because they last so much longer