Cambridge Pavers Introduction

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What Are Cambridge Pavers?

Cambridge pavers are a 100% manufactured paving stone. They are formulated with a high concentration of extra dense concrete. Therefore, very strong and durable pavers are produced.

Cambridge pavers are made with a top layer of mix which is called Armortec. This mix consists of high-density concrete, sand granules, extra color and with no aggregate; the end product is a very versatile paving stone.

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The Benefits of Armortec

The Armortec layer of a Cambridge paver consists of fine sand granules, extra dense concrete, and is saturated with color. Armortech is only a 3/8 inch thick top layer of a Cambridge paver.

Cambridge Paver with Amortec Layer This layer of Armortec provides color that is not only brighter to start off with, but that will maintain its vibrant color and last forever.

The surface is non-slip, making it very safe and ideal for use around the pool and moist garden pathways. Because it is a non-slip surface you would think that the surface is roughly textured, well its not! Armortec provides a super smooth surface texture!

Another benefit of Armortec is that when applied to a surface area, it is much cooler on your feet than other paver materials. This makes it perfect for the pool area, patios, decking and walkways, on those hot summer days!

With the use of Armortec you have a paver that will remain aesthetically appealing, is a safe, non-slip paver and will last a lifetime!


Cambridge pavers can be used for any commercial or residential pavement project.

Whether it be pavements for vehicles, bike or pedestrians, they will be suitable. Cambridge pavers are widely used for residential purposes such as; driveways, patios, walkways and surrounding the pool.

Cambridge pavers are also very popular in the commercial industry for things like; street pavements and walkways, taxiways, ports, malls and campuses.

The great thing about Cambridge pavers is that you can install them over your existing asphalt or concrete driveways, walkways or pavements. Cambridge pavers can be applied over your current paver material, without having to demolish and start over! This will cut the costs of applying Cambridge pavers to any particular job site!


Cambridge pavers are available in many different colors. Such colors with bright tints and realistic pigmentations are created through the use of micropearls.

Cambridge Paver Color
Cambridge Paver Color If a certain color is not available that you have requested, it is also possible to mix two shades together, creating truly unique Cambridge paver, because color selection is so important in developing the particular type of theme or look that each individual seeks.


There really is no limit to how many designs can be created with the use of Cambridge pavers, for there are an array of shapes and sizes available. Because Cambridge pavers are manufactured and not a natural stone, they can be custom made for the individual needs and requests.

Once you have chosen your color, shape and size of Cambridge pavers, the next step is to choose a particular design for the layout. It is possible to purchase design kits, which gives you easy to use patterns to follow. Things like fan patterns and circle designs are quite popular.

Or for a little bit of difference, there are kits like the renaissance and roundtable, which that sense of elegance. If you like a touch of abstract you can choose random kits, which contain varieties of shapes and sizes, which will fit together to create one design feature.