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Decorative Concrete Since the early 1990’s their have been advances made in technical and design methods that have resulted in concrete paving having significantly improved its aesthetic and decorative appeal and is becoming a popular choice with many homeowners and building professionals.

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Decorative Concrete StencilStenciled concrete is the process where a paper stencil is used to imprint a design or pattern into wet concrete. This process was only developed a little over ten years ago. Stenciled concrete is another decorative concreting option for homeowners, builders and architects.

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Decorative Concrete Staining Both older and new concrete slabs can be treated to produce the beauty of a concrete stained flooring effect. Concrete staining is perfectly suitable for exterior and interior slabs.

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Decorative Concrete StampedConcrete stamping is a method of decorating concrete floors and slabs. It involves imprinting 3 dimensional patterns directly into the color treated concrete material before it hardens.

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