Driveway Pavers Cost



Pavers are the ideal landscaping product that is featured on various applications such as driveways, walkways, pathways, sidewalks, patios and pool areas. Driveways are an important feature in any property. When they are paved they create aesthetic appeal, beauty and elegance and will enhance the overall landscaping presentation beautifully.

Driveway PaversPavers are available in an extensive range that vary in shapes, textures, sizes and thickness that can be used for specific application purposes. There are also various types that are made from natural stone, natural clay and concrete. The costs of pavers will vary from one type to another for example: natural stone and clay pavers are more expensive than concrete as the natural pavers are more durable, they are much stronger, they will last longer and have much higher resistance's values.

Pavers Cost For Driveways

Paver DrivewayThe cost of pavers for driveways is usually calculated per square meter and can range anywhere from $15 to $100 per square meter. Once you have decided on the type, the color, the shape and the thickness you prefer to feature on the driveway, it's a wise choice to shop around first and see who will offer the best price for the same product.

Other costs to take into consideration is the materials that are required before, during and after the installation process if you intend on doing the paving project yourself. If you have opted to have a professional to do the paving project, this will be an additional cost and the installation cost is usually calculated per square meter also. A wise choice is to have at least 3 paving professionals come out to the site and provide you with written quotes outlining every aspect of the cost, including the preparation, the materials and final touches.

How To Determine An Approximate Cost

There are simple things that can be done to determine an approximate cost for driveway pavers so you have a good idea on what the project may cost. The following are some handy tips that you can calculate before going to the paver supplier:

  • Measure the driveway in length and width, then multiply the length and width
  • Once you have decided on the pavers and the price per square meter, you can work out the cost by multiplying the cost per square meter with the total area of the driveway, always purchase an extra 5% to 10% of paver because more than likely there will be some wastage
  • The total cost is one expense. Then add the costs of installation of what you will be charged per square meter to the total. The sand, gravel and other materials required should be included with the total of the installation cost {if unsure, ask the installer}.
  • Ask the supplier if there are any delivery fees and add these fees to total if they apply

Simple Things You Can Do To Bring The Driveway Pavers Cost Down

Do-it-yourself paver installationThere are some simple things that you can do to bring the driveway project labor costs down. Labor costs can be reduced in terms of base preparation. Here are some basic base preparations you can do yourself. Once you have determined the area of where you want to feature the driveway, mark out the area with string or spray paint.

Start excavating by removing any grass or dirt in the area. Excavate at least 6 inches and make sure the ground is level, then you can compact the ground so there is no loose debris.