Engraved Pavers Installation

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Introduction to Engraved Pavers

Engraved Pavers are a great way of telling someone you care, raising money for a charity, fundraising, advertising for your business needs, as family memories in the garden, or for sporting memorabilia.

There are a couple of simple ways the pavers can be engraved. Sand blasting and laser engraving are two of many common methods. A stencil is made for the desired item to be engraved  and is then subjected to sand blasting. Sealers are then applied. Laser engraving involves the use of lasers to print the words or patterns chosen onto the paver.

Engraved Pavers

The Installation Process

Digging the Trench

The installation process of Engraved Pavers is very much the same as brick paver’s installation.

1. Whether it is your driveway, walkway, pool surrounding, schoolyard, business premises, or garden the site needs to be excavated and leveled flat for the installation of the Brick and Engraved Pavers

2. Cement is then mixed and placed onto the ground. Paver base can also be used instead of cement. Cement or paver base is normally laid out about 4 inches thick.

3. The plain pavers are then placed onto the wet cement, interlocking with each other in the pattern desired.

4. Sections where the Engraved Pavers are to be placed need to be selected before the cement sets.

5. Once they are selected, remove the paver and replace it with an Engraved Paver. This can be done using a paver extractor.

6. The Engraved Pavers are then installed into the surface, replacing the plain pavers.

Installing Engraved Pavers

7. Sand is then spread out over the paved area using a broom, to fill-in the gaps between the pavers 

8. Once the excess sand has been removed only the Engraved Pavers can be polished to make sure they last over time and withstand any bad weather conditions.


The only Maintenance Engraved Pavers need is to be polished or waxed free of any dirt and debris. There is a special type of polish available for outdoor products that will keep your Engraved Pavers always looking as though they’d just been laid.

Engraved Pavers Pathway