Engraved Pavers Introduction

Engraved Pavers Introduction | Benefits | Colors | Installation

Methods of Engraving Pavers

There are three main methods of engraving pavers:

  • Sandblasted Engraving
  • Laser Engraving
  • Bronze Plated Engraving

Sandblasted Engraving

This method involves taking the desired text or logo, and making a stencil out of it. That stencil is then sandblasted onto the pavers to create the engraved effect. In order to preserve the engraving onto the pavers, it is sealed with a product like litho chrome, which prevents the damaging effects of weather and high traffic areas.

Laser Engraving

Another popular method of engraving pavers is with the use of lasers. Images are lasered onto the pavers, creating an engraved message or icon on the pavers. The technical term for this method is vitralase.

Bronze Plaque Engraving

Other companies in the engraving industry prefer to use bronze plaques instead of stencils to engrave pavers. The bronze plaque is placed over the pavers and then painted with a protective seal to fight the effects of weather and wear.

Types Of Engraved Pavers

Name Bricks and Pavers

You can have names or messages engraved onto bricks or pavers that will then be installed into a walkway or pavement providing permanent recognition to sponsors.

Name Bricks and Pavers

Double Paver Units

You can have two pavers engraved with a message or name, which is then commonly enclosed in an engraved border. This offers different levels of recognition for organizations.

Hand Drawn Images

You can also have hand drawn images engraved onto pavers. This is ideal for primary schools, when wanting to provide lasting memories for young students.

Single Paver Logos

This enables businesses that make donations, a chance to also promote or advertise their company logos on a single paver. This will entice businesses to make larger contributions, for they will also benefit from the exposure.

Single Paver

Business Logo Panels

This allows larger companies, who make larger donations, to have a panel of up to 32 pavers long, engraved with their business logo. It provides a higher level of recognition.

Engraved Tiles

You can also engrave wall and floor tiles with names, messages or logos. They are an attractive alternative, and can be easily attached to existing structures.