Erosion Control Glossary of Terms


Acidic Soil - soil containing a pH lower than 8.0.

Backfil l- means to fill up the trench with materials like soil, crushed pavers, rocks etc

 Bank Slide - is caused by erosion. The face of the bank falls onwards. (down)

Biodegradable - means to be able to decompose naturally. It can be helped by soil chemicals.

Landscaped Garden

Clay- a fine type of soil and rock. Clay may not been seen, as it is underneath the soil bed.

Cohesive Soil - soil that naturally binds together. Is resistant to being dragged apart.

Compaction - a process that forms a sedimentary rock. Pressure from overlying rocks causes ‘compaction’.

Disturbing Activity on Land - when either a house is being built, or plants, flowers, vegetation is being removed which may cause disturbing outcomes

Dormant Seeding - applying in-season seeds.

Dredge Soil - excavated soil from a lake or river.

Erosion - means the slow but steady breaking down of soil. It is generally caused by heavy downpour of rain, water, snow and ice, wind, harsh chemicals, or even builders or contractors.

Erosion Control Blankets - is made up of straw or synthetic materials. It helps contain extremely erosive soil where vegetation is planted. It is very sturdy and can last for several years.

Erosion Control Plans - generally when someone sits down and puts pen to paper, with a report of important information and pictures to control the erosion issues.

Erosion Control Blankets

Fertilizer - substance that is added to soil, grass, plants to help them grow.

Filling Material - soil, rocks, cement, or crushed pavers used to fill in specified space.

Gabion - an erosion control product. A mesh basket filled with rocks and cement.

Increased Erosion - the process is caused generally by human beings, when constructing houses, laying pavers, and preparing vegetation.

Hydro seeding - a method where seeds and fertilizer are mixed together forming a liquid and sprayed to garden areas.

Loam- a workable soil composed of sand, silt and clay.

Mulch- a gardening material used to lay over soil. It helps soil contain moisture temporarily preventing erosion.

Non-cohesive Soil - soil that may be pulled apart quite easily.

Photo degradable- non-resistant substances. Will breakdown by sunlight.

Garden Mulch

Re-vegetation - Reapplying vegetation to residential building sites

Rill Erosion- soil particles being removed from a slope. One of the most common causes of erosion.

Rip Rap - Erosion control measure, consisting of stones being placed over the eroded area,.

Sediment- particles of soil that are moved by rainfall, and wind.

Trackifier - liquid material used to spray over soil to keep it together and help prevent erosion.

Tillage - preparation of soil, crops, and gardens that helps reduce wind erosion.

Top dressing - an application of a small amount of soil, re-layering just the top.

Water Erosion - soil particles removed by water and rainfall.

Wind Erosion - soil particles removed by wind, which causes dehydration

Erosion Control