Erosion Control Installations


When building your home and deciding which type of landscaping feature you might want to use, you may want to consider having an erosion control plan. Erosion is caused by a physical breakdown of soil or rocks that may occur due to:

  • Heavy rainfall.
  • Wind.
  • Builders
  • Landscapers

Storm water that may be deposited through ground pipes may cause the piipes to crack underneath the ground.

Erosion Control Matting

Preventing these matters and taking care of your soil is very important. Erosion is mostly caused by nature, so in some cases it may not be noticed.

It many residential cases, blankets are used to control erosion. However, grass and mulch can be a temporary solution.

In cases where erosion occurs, it slows down the growing process of most flowers and plants. So it is best to have an erosion control plan.


In all areas of erosion control installation the following two steps must be completed before any application.

Step 1: Preparing the Site


Preparing the site is the most important procedure. Erosion blankets or mats must have direct contact with the soil to ensure they will work their best. Hence, all vegetation, plants, flowers, pavers or rocks must be removed ready for installation and to ensure that the mats and blankets do have direct contact with the soil.

Step 2: Apply Fertilizer

You may apply fertilizer and plant your seeds before the erosion control blankets are placed. This will help the soil maintain its needed nutrients.


If your property slopes, here is a simple and quick guide to installing erosion control blankets:

Step 3: Start at the Top.

Once all is removed from the soil and seeds are in place, you may then apply the mats starting at the top. Roll the mats out down the slope. It is most important to make sure the mats are placed firmly onto the soil.

Sloped Landscape

Step 4: Stapling the Mats or Blankets

 If you have a large landscaped area you may need to use more than two erosion control blankets. They then need to be stapled together and to the ground. Please seek professional advice as to how far staples need to be apart. It all depends on how large the area is.

Step 5: Reapply Soil

Once all mats are in place re-locate back to the top of your sloped landscaped area, and start to re-cover the blankets with soil.

Maintaining Erosion Control Blankets or Mats

 Blankets and mats can be easily maintained. You should always examine them in order to make sure they are always in their proper place.

Some help hints to keep up the maintenance:

  • Always check after heavy rainfall. Making sure they haven’t slid out of place.

  • If seeds are not growing, an inspection is needed.
Erosion Control Mats

Those are two main concerns. If all else fails it would be wise to replace the existing blankets. To help make certain they stay in place, try adding some colorful pavers to the top of the soil.