Erosion Control Products


About Erosion Control

Imagine having a nice landscaped garden, lovely paved courtyard, and great backyard furniture. But then erosion attacks your gardens, and spoils it all. Many products are on the market today to help assist you with controlling erosion, whether it be a large farm property, or just a residential property, there is something out there to cater for your needs.

Controlling Erosion

Erosion Control Products will protect your home investments, or land investments. If you keep control of your soil erosion it will:

  • Help the soil to contain its needed moisture.
  • The soil structure will always be maintained.
  • Lessen the risk of any hazards that may happen around the home.
  • Keeps your plants alive.
  • Take care of flowers.


Many types of Erosion Control products are available today to help solve your problems. Some products are temporary solutions and some are long-term solutions. Some are very costly, and some are everyday products. Here is a list of some Erosion Control Products:

Gabion Baskets

The gabion baskets are made out of both mesh and wire. They are filled with crushed pavers, large rocks, or crushed cement depending on the problem. They’re available in various shapes and sizes, and is easily maintained. They are most suited for unbalanced areas, due to their sturdiness. They can be used as a long-term product.

The gabion blankets

Grass Mats

Grass Mats Grass mats are made out of corn and wood fibers. They can be made in any size and shape, whether it is a large roll or a squared cut out. They are best suited on sloped areas and are also great for flat areas, protecting all vegetation, plants, and flowers. This product is a long term Erosion Control product.

Erosion Control Blankets

Many materials can be sewn together to form the blankets such as straw and plastics as along as they are degradable. The blankets help hold seeds in the soil in place. They must be placed firmly against the soil.

Staples should be put in place to ensure the blankets do not move. They can be used anywhere and will act as a temporary solution. Their main purpose is to protect the soil from erosion.

Brush Blankets

These are made out of straw and they enclose a mulch film. Brush blankets help the soil maintain its temperature and increases the moisture levels. They are used before planting begins.

Brush Blankets

Fiber Mulch

Fiber Mulch

Mulch is available in many types of products, mostly to suit your own needs. Mulch provides great protection for soil. It helps the soil to contain its most needed moisture. Also, it helps speeds up the development of plants and flowers, and acts as a great food source for them. As the mulch can be placed over the soil, erosion blankets can be placed over the top as well.

NOTE: Always seek professional advice before deciding on a product that will best suit your erosion needs, as different products work in different ways.