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Question 1     March 07, 2012

Category:  Concrete

Subject:  Pavers over concrete

I am a property manager. One of my association is replacing pavers. One quote is for the installation of the pavers over new concrete. This is for a driveway not a patio. Is that a recommended method of installation or is the sand/gravel base better.



It is not absolutely neccessary to pour a concrete driveway below grade, as long as the base is installed properly. If the concrete driveway is already in place, then it would be fine to keep it as a sub base. Yes, you should place sand down between the pavers and concrete.

Read more here:

Best of Luck!
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Question 2     July 14, 2008

Category:  Concrete

Subject:  pavers


To answer your question about laying pavers over a concrete slab. Yes you can lay them over top the concrete, but, there are a couple things you will want to keep in mind when doing so.

1) You will want to put a 1 inch layer of bedding sand underneath them. Typically a 2NS sand, or Mason sand, so that the pavers can move and shift during freeze thaw conditions.

2) You will need to make sure that you have enough room between the current slab and the bottom or the door. A typical paver is 2 3/8 inches

3) Once you have the pavers laid you need to create an edge restraint to hold the pavers into place. Depending on how high above grade you are you may have to use a concrete edge to hold the pavers in. I don’t think plastic edging will be tall enough to hold them in.

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I have a concrete slab for a patio. I was wondering if I can put pavers over the slab?
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Question 3     May 31, 2007

Category:  Concrete

Subject:  unlevel concrete porch

Hi! We have a great front porch made of concrete, but it is not level. It was poured in two sections, years apart. How can we level it? It is about 25' long and one end is about 2" higher than the other end. We thought of using pavers or limestone to dress it up and level it out, but are not sure how thick we can lay the undercoat. Any advice or suggestions?


You can lay pavers over the top of the concrete, but need to keep a couple things in consideration. First, you’ll have to put something on the porch to level it off, I would recommend using sand, but you would need to build up some kind of edge restraint to stop the sand from going off the edge.

So you may need to level it with cement. Second, you need to make sure that once you lay the pavers, you still have enough clearance to open the door. The pavers that I sell are 2 3/8 inches thick. You can get them as thin as 1 ¾ inch at a big box store like Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards. Hopefully this helps you out.

Best of Luck!
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Question 4     May 29, 2007

Category:  Concrete

Subject:  concrete vs pavers for patio

We have two bids for a patio we want to install--440 square ft. One bid is for Belgard pavers and the other is for stamped concrete. We like the look of the pavers better, but the job will be $1800 more with Belgard pavers than with stamped concrete. We worry about the concrete cracking or heaving over time. We live in Knoxville, TN where we do not have extreme temperatures. Any pros and cons to these two paving materials for a patio that you can share will be appreciated as we need to make a decision. We appreciate your time.

Make sure your getting a quote for your Belgard paver project from someone other then your concrete contractor, if they are the same contractor. Look for a paver contractor that specializes in this field. Get at least two bids.

In this case, for $1800.00 more your hardscape service will never crack. Would you buy any other building material if it was sure to crack, and it will crack. Pavers are much better than concrete and a lot cheaper to repair than concrete, if they do crack at all.

Clint Kramer
John Deere Landscapes
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Question 5     October 31, 2006

Category:  Concrete

Subject:  pavers

Can I install concrete or stone pavers over a concrete driveway?


This is a frequently asked question, especially in Florida, where the use of a thin paver tile, usually 1” is common in overlay applications.

I would not recommend laying concrete pavers over an existing concrete driveway. The 1” paver tiles will crack and break due to the weight of the vehicle. Using a standard 6cm or 2 3/8” paver is not the best idea either. There would be a considerable amount of work in order to make the thicker pavers adapt to the garage opening and the driveway approach. You could also run into a problem of leveling all the paver stones.

For a good quality installation, it is best to remove the existing concrete driveway, have the proper base material installed and a bedding sand layer. Then install the pavers.

Be sure to have an ICPI Certified Paver Installer do the work.

For a cross section of what a proper paver driveway install should look like, visit

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