Garden Pavers Installation


How to Install a Garden Pathway

The following article is a quick guide to installing a garden pathway with the use of the pavers of your choice. A pathway is a functional addition to your landscape for it guides people from one point to another. They provide safe direction through your yard, while keeping everyone's feet clean from dirt or mud. Pathways are so much more; they are inviting, appealing and connect areas of your landscape together.

Simply follow these easy steps, and create your own unique Garden Pathway.

Garden Pathway

Nine Steps to Installing Your own Garden Pathway

Step One: Start off by planning and laying out the desired shape and length of your garden pathway. Keep in mind that people like to walk in straight lines. However, having curves and corner is a lot more interesting than straight pathways.

Step Two: It is recommended that your pathways be at least 1.2 meters or 4 feet wide. This will enable two people to walk down the pathway next to each other.

Garden Pathway Step Three: Now you will need to decide on the type of pavers you want to use for your pathway installation. Remember that they need to be strong and durable, so they last a lifetime. You can choose from brick, concrete, precast concrete or natural stone pavers. Basically, the pavers should blend with the rest of your landscape and architectural features.

Step Four: If you have weak or moist soils, then be sure to consider proper drainage. Make sure that your pathway slopes away from the house, at about 1/8 of an inch for every foot of pathway.

Step Five: After your plan has been drawn, it is time to dig your trench to the necessary depth. The trench needs to cater for the pavers, the base material and the sand bedding. This is has to be approximately 8 inches deep.

Digging the trench

Step Six: Once you have a level trench, place in a 4-inch layer of gravel base material, then compact the area. Now place a 1-inch layer of sand for the bedding, and compact as before. If you think you will grow weeds, place geotextile fabric over the gravel base material and then your sand bedding.

Step Seven: Be sure to install edging around your pathway, so as to keep the pavers together.

Photo Step Eight: Now lay the pavers side by side, making sure that they are always level with each other, and knock them into the sand bedding. Continue to lay them in the desired pattern.

Step Nine: Once all the pavers have been laid, sweep sand over your pathway to fill in the joints. Repeat this until the joints are filled, then compact the pathway. You can now enjoy your new Garden Pathway!