Garden Pavers Introduction


These are used for different purposes and functions in and around the home garden for things such as directional, entertainment, vehicular, garden beds, garden surrounds and retaining wall applications.


The beauty of garden pavers

Garden pavers, that are used for pathways, walkways and stepping-stones, provide people with direction and guidance. Pathways and walkways show people where to go. They guide people from one location in the garden to another location.


Pavers are commonly used for patios, pergolas, courtyards and terraces. These are the places where you hold your outdoor entertainment functions. This is where you have parties, barbeques and a family get-together, which makes these areas pretty important.

By using garden pavers in these areas, you are prolonging their life span and durability. Pavers will give your patio or courtyard, a sturdy, functional surface.


Your vehicle is usually parked within the garden, and that needs a strong and durable area. Pavers are very popular for driveways, parking areas and carports.

Paving the surface where your car will be parked a lot of the time is a wise move as it will also keep your car cleaner, and protect it from grass dew. Overall, paved driveways, parking areas and carports, are a much neater option than is dirt and mud.

Garden Beds

You can also use pavers to create an edging around your plant, flower or vegetable patches. This paved edging will protect your vegetation from being trampled on by people traveling through the garden.

This edging can also be used to separate different species from one another, by creating borders around certain types of plants.

Garden Paver Stones - Flowerbed Edging

Retaining Walls

Concrete Pavers and Walls Retaining walls are another garden application, where pavers are used. Retaining walls are used in the garden, where there is slopped or steep land. By installing a retaining wall on such land, it enables the land to be used for practical purposes. Retaining walls are also used in the garden for storm water management. They allow the flow and drainage of water more efficiently.

Garden Surroundings

Garden pavers are commonly used for flooring around the garden and for nearby areas. This is a very important application, as safety is an issue. The pavers can provide a slip-resistant surface for people to enjoy a day in the garden, safely.