Natural Granite Pavers Material Characteristics

Granite Characteristics

The three main characteristic features of granite rock are: Hardness, Durability and Aesthetics. These features make granite pavers perfectly suited for architectural landscaping and pavement applications.     

Beautiful Granite Pavers

Hardness of Granite Pavers

The hardness of granite material is determined by the resistance of granite when penetrated by a different solid rock of higher hardness. The factors that contribute to the hardness of granite rock are location, density, size and overall cohesive value of the mineral grains that make up the granite rock. Hardness is a technical value for granite classifications that is used by stonemasons to calculate the technological and labor cost of working with granite material. Resistance to scratching and durability in traffic areas are largely dependent upon the hardness of the minerals that make up the stone. For this reason granite pavers are ideally suited and commonly used for residential and commercial pavements.

Approximately 90% of granite is made up of quartz and feldspars minerals. The hardness of a mineral is determined by use of Moh's Scale of Relative Hardness, developed by the Austrian Mineralogist Friedrich Moh, in 1822. Granite should have a hardness of about 6 or higher based on Moh’s scale.

Durability of Granite Pavers

The durability of granite material can be measured by its ability to maintain its decorative property and polished surface during its lifetime. Once again; the strength and structure of the mineral components will be a factor in its durability rating. It is known that the finer or smaller granite minerals are stronger and more durable than larger grained granite materials. Quartz has the most durable polished surface that can maintain its luster for up to five hundred years.
Granite Pavers

Granite follows after quartz as having a long lasting polished surface. Granite pavers have been used in Europe for hundreds of years and proven to be a very durable pavement material.

Aesthetic Value of Granite Pavers

Aesthetics of Granite Pavers Hardness, Durability and Aesthetics are the three main criteria by which granite is characterized. Of these three criteria, aesthetics or decorative value is the most highly regarded because it has the greatest bearing upon the pricing of the granite material. Experts who base their assessment on the grounds of color, texture and structure judge the beauty of granite.. There are four decorative categories. Category #1 is of highly decorative value, Category #2 is of moderate decorative value, Category #3 is of lower decorative value and Category #4 is categorized as being of non-decorative value.