Natural Granite Stone Pavers Patterns

Simple Guide to Granite Pavers Patterns

Granite is a strong natural rock formation containing a crystalline texture made up of the three element minerals of feldspar, mica, and quartz. Individual modules of granite are prepared from pre-assembled tiny pieces of natural granite stone.          

Granite Paver Pattern

Granite is highly recommended as a paving material due to its high density, enormous strength, water-absorption and acid resistance. These characteristics make granite a popular choice when paving hard surfaces.

Another advantage of choosing granite paving is the naturally stunning and aesthetically pleasing result that can be achieved. Whilst being harder than concrete and steel, granite can be used for both interior and exterior applications such as driveways, walkways, patios and pools. Granite is suitable for modern or classic designs.
Granite Paver Pattern


As granite is quarried worldwide, there are a variety of patterns and colors for consumers to choose from. Such patterns can reveal a lot about particular granites including geological conditions and its locality. Irregular patterns of random appearance can be used to create  unique designs.

Landscaping with Granite Pavers

Among the most common patterns available in granite paving, are 45 and 90-degree herringbone, basket weave, running bond and stack bond. Additional granite paving patterns include ‘circle in square, fan, and squares.’

Granite-Paving Patterns:

Herringbone, Stack and Running Bonds, Basket Weave

It is imperative to use assorted colors when creating a paving pattern in order to create a pleasant eye-catching effect. The choice of pattern and colors will determine the outcome of your design.

Herringbone Paver Pattern (1) HERRINGBONE: Each course or sequence of pavers is made of granite that lay either at a 45 or 90-degree angle. The angle rotates direction with each sequence. Such a pattern will provide the greatest degree of interlock between the granite pavers.
Running or Stack Bond Paver Pattern (2) RUNNING or STACK BOND: A Running bond pattern entails each course of granite pavers alternating and varying as opposed to being on top of each other as visualized in a stack bond pattern. In both running and stack bond patterns, each sequence of pavers is composed entirely of stretchers. Running bond is one of the most suitable patterns for driveways whilst stack bond is primarily suitable for areas subject to a lot of foot traffic such as walkways.
Basket Weave Paver Pattern (3) BASKET WEAVE: A checkerboard pattern of granite pavers laid either level or on an angle.

The basket weave paving pattern is quite suitable and hence frequently used for driveway paving. Basket weave creates a valuable end result with an eye-catching effect.

Granite Paver Patterns can be dependent on the shape of the Pavers

Fan Paver PatternSquares Paver Pattern
Paver PatternPaver Pattern

It has been found that certain paving patterns are dependent on the shape of granite pavers. For example, patterns such as ‘circle in square,’ ‘fan’ or ‘squares’ will depend on the shape of the granite pavers to a high degree. The ‘squares’ pattern is quite identical to a stack bond pattern, however the other two patterns mentioned are the result of the different shaped pavers.

Generally, square and rectangular shapes are most common in granite paving; however some pavers such as Symmetry and Uni-Anchorlock have shapes that are applicable to certain patterns because of the geometrical aspects of the different pavers shapes.