Interlocking Pavers Advantages

Benefits of Using Interlocking Pavers

Design Options

Interlocking Paver Design There is an abundance of design options available on the market, where interlocking pavers are concerned. Whether you choose a hexagonal, herringbone or diamond design, there is something to suit all individual tastes.

Interlocking pavers can create a casual or formal design feature in virtually any color you require. They are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes, usually ranging from 2 to 2 ½ inches thick, similar to that of a regular brick.

Easy Repair and No Cracks

An interlocking paver system is so easy to repair. They can be lifted and replaced without much hassle at all, unlike having to repair a concrete slab, where you would have to demolish it and start over again. For this reason, the maintenance costs involved are very low.

Not only are interlocking paver easy to repair, but the likelihood of them being damaged is slim. The chance of cracking is very rare as each unit has joints that allow movement.

Interlocking Pavers

Environmentally Friendly

This mainly refers to the permeable type of interlocking pavers, where vegetation is planted between the grid systems. These pavers allow the re-use of storm water back into the grounds, rather than back into our waterways. This means that there is no need to water thereby saving our precious water


Interlocking pavers are designed so that there are ridges on the wall of the paver.

During installation special grades and sizes of sand is sifted between the pavers. When installed correctly they will not shift or sink. They can withstand being walked on and driven on, without buckling. This makes interlocking pavers a very strong and sturdy surface material.

Interlocking Paver