Permeable or Pervious Interlocking Pavers

What Are Permeable or Pervious Interlocking Pavers?

Permeable pavers are another common type of interlocking paver. This type involves the use of a plastic-like grid system, which has openings for the implementation and growth of different types of vegetation.

Plastic Grid Permeable Pavers

This system is most successful in vegetation growth in low to medium traffic areas. They can be used in recreational areas, parking lots and along highways.
The permeable feature of these interlocking pavers provides soil stabilization and allows the re-use of storm water run-off. So instead of the storm water running off into our waterways, the permeable pavers allow water to soak back into the ground.
Permeable Pavers

This means that there is less need for drainage pipes, curbs and gutter systems.