Interlocking Pavers Price



Ideal Paving Product
 Interlocking pavers are an ideal paving product that is used globally for residential external applications such as driveways, patios, courtyards, walkways, sidewalks, pathways and pool areas. They are also featured on various commercial, community and industrial applications for their functional attributes and also for their decorative and enhancing values. The versatility aspect of interlocking pavers is they can transform any external area and truly create a charismatic, beautiful, pleasant and safe pavement area for residential properties and many public paved areas. There are so many reasons why many homeowners, contractors and landscape designers choose interlocking pavers which includes their aesthetic appeal, exceptional durability, hundreds of patterns and designs to choose from and there are many colors, sizes and shapes to choose from.

The Price Comparison Of Interlocking Pavers

The price factor of interlocking pavers will vary depending on whether they are a manufactured or if the pavers are made from natural stone and the type of natural stone. For example, the price of concrete and brick interlocking pavers are less expensive when compared to the price of natural stone interlocking pavers. The reason for the price difference is that concrete and brick pavers are manufactured with massive lines of production, whereas natural stone interlocking pavers are not manufactured, they are quarried and each paver is individually cut into a certain shape. So the time and labor costs involved play a big part to the price comparisons.

Another reason for price variation of natural stone interlocking pavers compared to concrete or brick pavers is the performance and quality factor and durability. The biggest advantage of any natural stone product is that they will out perform and outlast any man made product due to their natural resistance to weather and other elements.

The Price Variations of Interlocking Pavers

The cost variation that affects the price of interlocking pavers will differ from one product to another as they also do from one dealer to another. Some dealers can sell interlocking pavers much cheaper than others as they buy in bulk to be able to promote and advertise the products at much lower prices. Some dealers may even delete or discontinue a paver line, in which case they can also offer greater price reductions.

The following four points are some of the more common reasons for the cost and price involved in hiring a paver contractor to install interlocking pavers:

  1. The size and shape of the area is calculated and priced per meter
  2. The installation costs will affect the price according to time and labor involved and  wll also depend on the pavers size and shape
  3. The paving design will affect the installation price {for example; the more patterns involved the more time required}
  4. The type of base material required for installing certain type of pavers

Shop Around For Best Possible Interlocking Paver Prices

It’s a wise choice to shop around first and see which dealer/manufacturer will give you the best price for the same or similar interlocking pavers. It is also a good idea to get at least three written quotes from licensed paver contractors and compare the installation costs. Some contractors may get you a better deal by purchasing the pavers for you as they have ongoing business power with the supplier/manufacturer. So ask them to quote you for the entire project with and without the purchase of pavers. For homeowners who have opted to install the interlocking pavers themselves, you should consider the costs of the ongoing cleaning or sealing products that are required for the type of paver you have chosen.