Tips For Choosing a Landscape Contractor


How to Choose a Landscape Contractor


Having your yards landscaped can add value to your home. It enhances the look and also will increase your property value immensely. You can do the landscaping yourself, but this can be somewhat costly and time consuming. It may be best to hire a professional Landscape contractor.


Landscape Contractors are very experienced and have a broad range of useful skills. In some cases you can be the designer, while the Landscape contractor will throw suggestions around, and help you decide on the final touches, and complete the project.

Some Helpful Hints to Consider When Choosing the Right Contractor

  • Get a couple of quotes. Ring around don’t just settle for the first contractor you come across. Ask what they supply e.g., pavers, plants, concrete, flowers etc.
  • Most importantly, research the contractor.
  • Check out previous jobs.
  • Will the work be guaranteed and for how long?
  • Will further maintenance continue once the job is completed?
  • Is the contractor insured?
  • Are all the staff fully qualified in this field of work?
  • Find out if they’re fully licensed.
  • How long have they been in this business?


 A Landscape Contractor’s Responsibilities

 A contractor is responsible for purchasing all the supplies needed. This will include:

  • All plant materials.
  • Pavers, concrete, dirt, rocks.
  • All carpentry tools.
  • Installing irrigation systems.
  • Installing water systems.
  • Garden Beds.
  • Soils, fertilizers etc.
  • All tool and equipment.

It is the contractor’s responsibility is to complete the job to your specification.. This will sometimes be delayed. Bad weather can be a problem for those working outdoors, so consider constructing landscaped areas in the summer time.

Once a design has been chosen, the contractor will then draw up a plan and complete his quote. Landscaping can get very costly. So it may be a good idea to decide on things that you really need, and avoid things that are not necessary. Always try to settle on a price that suits yourself and the contractor.


 It is also important for the landscape contractor to keep the work site clean. This includes:

  • Keeping pathways free of any mud, dirt, broken pavers, and rocks.
  • Plants that may not be planted yet, and still on site in containers should be keep clean and looked after.
  • If working around pool areas, makes sure pool is covered or is cleaned daily to remove unwanted materials.
  • Make sure the overall work site is cleaned daily; this prevents injuries from occurring.


Planting, Mulching and Fertilizing…..

It is also the contractor’s responsibility to take care of the plants and their general needs like proper planting or re-planting, watering, fertilizing, and mulching on a day-to-day basis. Contractors will also control erosion problems, weeding, and cutting of the grass.

Note: Always remember that choosing the right contractor is very important, and always have a working plan in place.