Landscape Contractor Frequently Asked Questions


Contractor FAQs

Q. What is a Landscape Contractors Job?

A. Landscape contractors are hired to complete the installation, construction, and in some cases help in  any landscape plans which are designed by the homeowner and landscape architect.     
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Q. What is a Contractor Responsible For?

A. Providing all materials, weeding, mulching, drainage and irrigation systems, soil preparation, carpentry, concrete, and pavers. They are also responsible for estimating quotes on installation and the cost of all materials needed.

 Q. Is there a Difference between a Landscape Designer and a Landscape Architect?

A. Yes there is a difference. Landscape Architects hold a license to design and plan landscaping projects like drawings and construction notes and general plans. A landscape Architect may study for several years to achieve his or her status. A Landscape Designer may not hold a license to design a project. This restricts a designer when performing actions like, the production of drawings, and construction plans.
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No training or studies are required for designers. This may all depend on your specific state guidelines.

Q. Can a Landscape Contractor Offer or Suggest Potential Designs?

A. Of course, but they must execute the installation and construction of their design. E.g., they may advise you to install pavers in some areas rather than stamped concrete.

Q. If the Landscape Contractor does not hold a License can I still use him/her?

A. A contractor does not need to hold a license to perform their duties, but it highly recommended that you do hire a licensed contractor.

Q. What is involved in the Design Process?

A. Firstly, the land area must be examined. Photos and measurements are noted. Then a meeting with the client takes place, for their input. Irrigation and drainage systems are then arranged. The final plans are passed on to the chosen landscape contractor who may then start preparing his team for installation and construction.
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Q. Can I Work on Part of the Landscape Project Myself?

A. Yes, if the contractor agrees.

Q. After the Project is finished will the Contractor Provide Maintenance?

A. It would be wise to check your contract, some contractors will return weekly after installation to look after lawns, plants, flowers and also check for any damages that may have occurred after the construction. E.g., damaged drainage systems, damaged plants, chipped or cracked concrete, lifting pavers etc.   
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Q. If a Contractor Caused Damage to Existing Plants or Flowers what will Happen?

A. The contractor must replace the damaged plant, or flower free of charge. This also counts for damaged flooring like pavers or concrete.

Q. Will the Contractor Guarantee their Work?

 A. It is important to always read through your written contract thoroughly. The written contract will normally state the level of guarantee you are entitled too.