Landscaping Contractor Introduction

Landscape Contractor

A Landscaping Contractor is a person who, either works for a Licensed Landscaping business or is a self-employed, Licensed Landscaping professional.

A Landscaping Contractor would carry out such work as planting trees, lawns, shrubs, plants and any other decorative vegetation. They would also install paved patios, walkways, pathways, decking and driveways. They would install water features, fences and irrigation systems, along with any general Landscaping Maintenance you may require.      

Landscaping is easier using a certified contractor

Let us now list some of the services provided by a Landscaping Contractor.

Landscape Maintenance

  • Turf/lawns care and maintenance
  • Tree care and maintenance
  • Pest control
  • Water feature maintenance
  • Plant maintenance
  • Erosion control and re-vegetation
  • Renovate Landscapes
  • Irrigation systems
Landscape Contractor

Landscape Constructions

  • Install, design and build
  • Plans and tech specs
  • Commercial and Residential projects
  • Hardscapes: patios, decks, walkways, driveways and pathways pavers
  • Drainage and irrigation
  • Water features, rock features
  • Landscape Lighting installation
  • Plan and install Landscape Renovations
  • Retaining Walls and fences
  • Sod Lawns

Patio Pavers

Landscape Maintenance

Tips When Hiring a Landscaping Contractor

Beautiful Landscape It is very important to get the right contractor for your Landscaping Project, because a beautiful landscape will increase the value and appeal of your property. Landscaping is an investment and you want to ensure returns on it, so invest a little time when choosing your Landscaping Contractor.

Following are some suggestion when selecting a Landscaping Contractor:

  • • Plan your Landscaping project thoroughly, so you know precisely what you want from the Landscaping Contractor, particularly the quality of materials you want.
  • Obtain a free estimate, preferably a written estimate, detailing work, materials and total price.
  • Check that the Landscaping Contractor is licensed and has insurance. You want to make sure that you are protected from any liability.
  • Go over the estimate thoroughly. If it is too cheap, be cautious, cheap does not always mean the best end results.
  • Check out some previous job references and perhaps pictures of them.
  • You can even go and see the work yourself. Many very good contractors have customers that are happy to show off their good work.
  • If the Landscaping Contractor is keen and seems to have good references, give them a go, they don’t have to work for a large well-known company. Sometimes the little guys put in the most effort and better quality.
  • Always ask about the guarantees on a job and the materials used.
  • Communicate with your Landscaping Contractor; ask any question or query anything you feel unsure about.
  • If they do a great job, enjoy it and refer them to friends and family!
Landscape Contractor