Types of Landscape Contractors


The Right Contractor For The Right Job!

 A Landscape Contractor For Your Project

Landscape Design

When deciding on the right person or company to execute your landscape plans it is wise to keep in mind the various types of contractors. Landscape architects are available to help you design your project. There are also landscape designers that will also help plan your project; the rest is the left up to the contractor.

Beautified landscape garden areas will increase the value of your home. So in most cases you would like the job done professionally and to perfection. There is  a great advantage in hiring a contractor, for they are being paid and expected to do a wonderful and outstanding job.


Generally there are several types of contractors. Choosing one that best suits your needs is quite easily done these days.

General Contractors

A general contractor is a person/s who will get hold of all building permits, hire and supervise subcontractors. They will also meet with the designer or architect who may have drawn up the plans of the project. They act like a manager of the whole project.


General Contractor

Specialty Contractors

A specialty contractor is a person/s that can be hired by a general contractor to perform installation duties like installing pavers, installing concrete, and any specially made carpentry that may be needed for your residential landscape needs.

Sub Contractors

Specialty Contractor

Sub Contractors A sub contractor is someone who can be hired by a general contractor or a landscape contractor to help construct the desired project. Sub contractors can also be hired to help construct only parts of the project. For example, a sub contractor may just be hired to lay the pavers in the front yard or they may be hired to install all plant life.

Design and Building Contractors

Design and Building Contractors are generally hired to make sure all work is done. They will supervise the project from the starting point right down to the very end, making sure everything is done right. Also making sure all designs are constructed as planed.

Landscape Contractor

Landscaped Backyard The work capacity that a landscape contractor has is a great deal. It includes grading, laying pavers, constructing retaining walls, irrigation systems, common carpentry, planting of all flowers, plants, shrubs, and making sure that general maintenance takes place after the jobs completion.

They are also responsible for hiring all materials including plants, machinery, topsoil, pavers, sand, and cement etc.

In some cases a landscape contractor may have an architect or designer as part of their team so you may not need to hire 3 different people to plan out the job, they may all be under the one contractor.