Landscape Design Engineer

About Landscape Design Engineers

What Does a Landscape Engineer do?

A Landscape Engineer directs and uses the powers of nature for the benefit and convenience of man. For example, if you were designing a new landscape for your property and wanted to direct the winds to protect your entertaining areas, a Landscape Engineer would help you decide which trees to get and where to plant them, so the wind would bypass your patio or courtyard.

About Landscape Engineering

Landscape engineering concerns the application of mathematics and science to the creation of practical outdoor living areas. These outdoor living areas are a culmination of the design and the construction process made possible by landscape architects, along with landscape contractors. Other primary concerns of landscape engineer’s include site grading and drainage, earthwork calculations and watersheds.

Landscaped Area

It is the Landscape engineer’s role to actively engage in the design of the landscape, but more importantly, to oversee the creation of the landscape design. Landscape engineering embodies the traditional engineering elements of planning, design & construction, operation, assessment and management. However, there are 3 main areas that it focuses on:

1. Closure Planning

Planning and Layout

This involves setting goals as well as aiding the landscape design of the project at hand. Landscape engineers may work closely with landscape designers as well as the owner(s) of a home in order to determine what the desired look is ‘as a whole’ and the necessary steps to be taken in order to achieve it. Landscape Engineers will also work closely with the contractors and sub-contractors.

2. Landscape Design

This area concerns planning the individual landforms so that they coincide with the objectives set out in the closure-planning phase. It is imperative that the landscape engineer consults with the rest of the architectural team in order to achieve an effective visual result once the construction process is complete.

Design Diagram
3. Performance Assessment

Performance assessment is vital to both the closure planning process and performance assessment. The reason being is that this role of the landscape engineer entails estimating liability and financial assurance of the landscaping project.