Landscape Specifier Introduction

About Landscape Specifiers

A landscape specifier is a person that prepares the requirements needed for the design of a landscape. A good landscape specifier should have an extensive knowledge in the brands, sizes, models and a significant efficiency performance measuring standards required for the design and construction of a residential or commercial landscape. The need for a landscape specifier to have a creative mind is highly important given that their role in landscaping projects requires relatively creating thinking.

In order to be able to develop the required specifications for a landscape project, it is important that the landscape specifier have an extensive knowledge in construction materials such as plants, soil, weathering, and pesticides. Most landscape specifiers have graduated with a degree in architecture or architectural engineering.

Finding The Best Landscape Design Specifier

There are various factors to consider when attempting finding the best possible landscape specifier. Realistically, people want to achieve the best possible outcome when it comes to their property and so they should consider the following:

  • Expertise: The experience and knowledge capacity of the person in choosing and measuring efficiency performance in the undertaking of the project. Furthermore, a god specifier should be able to understand the needs and limits of landscaping areas.
  • A landscape specifier should explain the relevant costs and finances which the project may need in order to be completed and take this into consideration.
  • References: If a person can visually acknowledge some previous work completed by a landscape specifier than they will have an understanding of his/her capabilities and hence have a piece of mind in knowing that their landscape will suit their desires.Perhaps go and see their previous work yourself.

It is important to make landscape specifiers aware of the fact that there are no pesticides that kill termites for a period longer than 6 months. Pesticides that have been sprayed from the start of a project are ineffective because of the time delay. This is a key role to be played by landscape specifiers in order to preserve groundwater, human health, and termite prevention.