Landscape Concrete Curbing

About Concrete Curbing


Concrete Curbing is mostly seen on the sides of our roads, out the front of residential homes, surrounding trees, and around beautiful landscaped gardens. Installing curbing will reduce your maintenance time to nothing. Concrete is a sturdy material, therefore it will last the length of time over any other material. Concrete Curbing benefits the homeowner as it draws a line between the lawn, garden, and soil. It will also protect landscaping from unwanted weeds.

Landscape Curbing

Pavers sometimes become loose if there is nothing to support them. Concrete Curbing will solve that problem by keeping the pavers together.

Concrete Curbing Machines

Curbing Machine

There are several types of machines out there today to help assist you with your curbing installation. It is highly recommended to use a specified machine, as they are very flexible when choosing a design that would best suits your landscaping. Curbing is easily installed using a professional, and all can be done in just one day.

The Machining Process  

First, choose a design, area, pattern and color. Once this has been done the concrete may be mixed. As the concrete sets to its plastic stage, it can then be placed into the designed moulds that are part of the curbing machine.

Installing Concrete Curbing

Curves, circles, zigzags, straight lines, just about any type of line can be produced out of these special machines. Once the design is selected and is then placed in the specified area, it is then left to set. A special curing agent is sprayed after the setting stage.

Curbing Stamps

Stamped Concrete Curbing

Just like stamped concrete your landscaped curbing can be stamped. It is actually the same process. A lot of exclusive patterns are available; it’s all up to you. One suggestion is to create and design your own individual pattern.

Some stamped patterns are commonly used to mimic all types of pavers. Curbing stamps are more cost effective than it would be to buy and apply single pavers, and also less time consuming, as curbing on residential properties in some cases is only done in small areas.

A Few Benefits of Using Concrete Curbing

  • Many colors available for you to blend throughout your landscape.
  • Special out door lights can be added to enhance the look of your garden.
  • Maintenance of your back yard is cut in half.
  • Special rocks, bark, or grass can be enclosed in the curbed area.
  • Can be very effective and raise the value of your home.
  • Works like a picture frame around your landscaped gardens.
Concrete Curbing
Blend Colors

Colored Concrete Curbing

It is always nice when colors are blended right through from the home, grass, flowers, and pavers on the driveway. Most flowers and shrubs nowadays have very unique colors. So when choosing a color for the Concrete Curbing make sure it will blend with all its surroundings, such as the soil, grass, flowers, home, etc.