Backyard Landscaping Introduction

Landscaping a Backyard

Landscaping a Backyard involves many decision making processes, for there are numerous elements to be considered. Backyard Landscaping refers to any work done on planting shrubs, trees, flowers, ground covers and work carried out on; paved patios, decks,
driveways, walkways, fences and walls.

Before you start on your Backyard Landscaping, it is recommended to take a few preparation steps. Firstly, choose the correct plants for your environment, then sketch a map of your proposed design, and work out your budget and the time it may take to complete. Take your time and make it a success.

Planning Your Backyard

Backyard Landscaping


It is important to first work out how much space you have available, and to look at the plants that exist in your backyard already. Also decide on what type of plant-life you would like to bring into the backyard, it is recommended to use native plants.


It’s a great idea to put your ideas to paper and draw a sketch of your proposed backyard design. Start by sketching all of the permanent structures in your backyard, like your paved patio and walkways, your house and existing gardens. You can use transparent paper to draw in new ideas over the sketch.

Landscape Drawing

Soil Condition

Test various areas of your backyard soil, for the conditions may change over small areas. You want to know the best type of plants for specific parts of your backyard. You should also dig a fairly deep hole to observe the change in the soil at a deeper level; this will provide information on the drainage capabilities of your soil. The soil condition can greatly affect the choice of plants that will be suitable for your backyard.


You will also need to become familiar with the climatic conditions of your backyard. Things like wind directions, annual rainfall, annual temperatures, frost occurrence and time of year that fall hits. These factors can vary even within a town and can affect your plant choices and design elements.


This refers to the direction which your backyard faces. If your yard faces north, you will get the sun during the day. If you have a southern aspect, you will have shade for most of the day, and afternoon sun during summer. A western aspect means that your yard will receive afternoon sun. An eastern aspect means that you will get morning sun and afternoon shade.

Existing Features

Consider all the existing features in your backyard when planning your makeover. Things like your choice of pavers for existing features, and whether your new features will be made with the same pavers or something similar. You want to maintain an appealing theme, without spending too much money or time.