Landscape Deck Lighting

About Deck Lighting

Why install Deck Lighting?

By installing Deck Lighting you will be extending its useable hours. Why not use your decks as much at night as you would during the day? With the addition of lighting into your deck, you can do a lot more entertaining at night and get the most out of your outdoors areas.

If you have spent a lot of time and money paving a new deck, by incorporating lighting, you can be sure to get your moneys worth out of it. Think about being able to entertain guests on hot summer nights, on your newly lit, newly paved deck.

Deck Lights

Tips for Lighting Your Deck

  • It is really important not to over light your deck, so test out some lighting fixtures to get an idea of how much light is needed for your particular deck space.
  • Be sure to use indirect lighting, for there is nothing worse than glare from lighting, especially when entertaining guests.
  • Use the right type of lighting, for you want the lighting to blend into the natural surroundings of your deck.
  • It is recommended that you really plan your deck lighting installation before starting construction. There are so many types of lighting to consider, such as paver lights, path lights, wall mounted lights, spotlights, floodlights, low-voltage lights and high-voltage lights.
  • Always think about safety when considering your deck lighting. For instance, think about the importance of lighting up the steps leading to the deck.
Deck Lighting


Flood Lights

HID Flood lights You can install a floodlight on the outer edge of the deck, which will light up the rest of your landscaped areas. Be sure to point it away from the deck, but not enough to disturb the neighbors.

Paver Lights

Paver lights can be directly installed into your pavement by replacing a pave with a paver light. This will help light up the walkways leading to your decking, making it a safer environment, especially when you’re entertaining a lot.
Paver Lights


Coach Lanterns You can install Lanterns on top of the posts on your deck or you can have them mounted on the wall in the deck area. These can add a decorative appeal or simply function as a practical deck light.

Landscape Down Lights

These Landscape Down Lights can be installed along the railings of your deck or perhaps along the deck floor. These lights provide a low level lighting.
Landscape Down Lights

Sensor Lights

Sensors You can use sensor lighting or even install separate sensors to control the lighting on your deck. They are a great way of saving energy for they only come on when movement is detected.