Landscape Lighting Introduction

Light Up Your Landscape at Night

Light up your landscape at night by implementing various types of landscape lighting options. Landscape lighting will highlight your beautiful and well-groomed gardens, lawns, paved patios and driveways, swimming pools, paved decking around the pool and the water features. Landscape Lighting will bring your property to life at night and create stunning visual effects.     

The beauty of landscape ligthing

Here are some areas where Landscape Lighting could be implemented.

Paths and Walkways Lighting

Light up your paths and walkways with the use of Paver Lights. They are pavers with internal lights installed in them, so as to light up the pathways and walkways around the property. This provides beauty with visual lighting effects, and safety, by lighting those paths from the house to the car at night.

Garden Lighting

Place lights in your garden beds to show off your range of plants and flowers at night. You can use freestanding lights or solar lights, which take no electricity at all and are very easy to install.

Landscape Garden Lighting

Pool Lighting

Landscape Pool Lighting Light up the decking around the pool with paver lights, solar lights or freestanding voltage lights. You can also place lighting inside the pool, which would really create a brilliant effect at night. It also allows you to use the pool safely on those summer evenings. Lighting enables you to get more use out of the pool and surrounding areas.

Water Feature Lighting

Install lighting into or around your waterfalls, ponds and fountains. This will provide spectacular visual displays of water and light. It is a great idea to highlight your landscape features at night as well, you will get so much more appreciation for them.

Step Lighting

Create a safe environment in your front and back yards by lighting up your steps. You may choose to install lights directly into the steps with the use of Paver Lights, or you may prefer free standing lights and even wall lights. Whichever you choose you will guarantee a safer walking area at night.

Landscape Step Ligthing

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Homeowners are more and more recognizing the benefits of Landscape Lighting today. Not only are they visually effective, but they also provide greater safety around your home.

Landscape Lighting

Here is a list of Landscape Lighting benefits

Landscape Walkway Lighting
  • Enhances the value of your property.
  • Creates visual beauty both day and night.
  • Increases the level of safety at night around walkways, paths, driveways, pool areas, steps and patios.
  • Can help prevent burglaries by deterring and distracting thieves.
  • Can also help prevent personal injuries when walking in the yards at night.
  • It is very affordable, due to its ever-increasing popularity.