Landscape Paver Lighting

About Paver Lighting

The addition of Paver Lights to your walkways, pathways, patios and courtyards has so many benefits. Firstly, lights create a certain ambience to the surroundings that are lit up by the lights. Secondly, incorporating lights into your pavers makes a safer environment for the family and guests, when trying to get from say the front door to the driveway at night. Paver lights can also add to the security of your property, intruders will be less likely to walk around your yards if there are lights everywhere.

Paver Lights

Paver Lights can be visually appealing, provide increased security around the home and help make your property a safer place to get around at night. Let us now discuss three companies who specialize in Paver Lighting, Tahoe Lighting, Kerr Lighting and D & J Lighting.

Tahoe Lighting

Tahoe Paver Lights

Tahoe Lighting is the professional’s choice for in-ground lighting. Tahoe Lighting is well known for their high quality products and their guaranteed. durability  Due to advanced technology and research, Tahoe Lighting has developed the only light that can be directly installed into concrete. Tahoe Lighting provides a wide range of products that allow you to install lights into your walkways, patios and pathways.

Here is a list of some of the Paver Lighting products available from Tahoe Lighting:

  • Free standing path lights
  • In-ground paver lights: in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors
  • In-ground concrete lights: in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors
  • Niche Lights
  • Wall Mounted
  • Light kits, with numerous amounts of fittings
  • Transformer, wires and accessories
  Tahoe Lighting

Kerr Lighting

Kerr Lighting holds patent in the US and Canada for the Paver Light and the Deck Light. What started out as a husband and wife team trying to make ends meet with small landscaping jobs, to developing the idea of the paver light, to now being one of the largest paver lighting suppliers to the building and construction community.

Kerr Lighting’s Paver Light is the first fixture of its kind to hit the global market place. They are supplying products to countries all over the world. Their products have proven to be durable, even in the harshest of weather, safe and economical.

Kerr Paver Lighting

Installing Kerr Lighting’s paver and deck lighting will add safety; increase security, beauty and value to your property. Homeowners can light up their patios, pools, pool surrounds, walkways, pathways, driveways and decks, with many of the products provided by Kerr Lighting.

Products include:

  • Paver Lights
  • Deck Lights
  • Accessories
  • Transformers
  • Wire
  • Speakers
  • Wall Lights
Pool Deck Lights

D & J Lighting

Paver Light D & J Lighting have a wide selection of Pavers Lights, Deck & Dock Lights and Wall Lights, all with low voltage circuitry, providing lighting that is safe, secure and visually enhancing. D & J Lighting prides themselves on durable, quality fixtures that are so easy to install and reasonably priced.

Here is a list of the products available online with D & J Lighting:

  • Single Paver Lights
  • Paver Light Kits: 8 light kits
  • Paver Light Kits: 14 light kits
  • Single Deck Lights
  • Deck Light Kits: 8 light kits
  • Deck Light Kits: 14 light kits
  • Wall Lights
  • Retaining Wall Light Kits
  • Add On Lights
  • Wall Speakers
  • Accessories
  • Commercial Products

Lighting Kits