Landscape Maintenance Introduction

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Appearance

The appearance and condition of your Landscape enhances the image of your home, while adding value and protecting your investment.

Hence, it is important to maintain and care for your hardscapes and softscapes contained in your landscape. Ensure that your lawns are lush, plants are green and that your paved driveway or walkway is regularly repaired, cleaned and sealed.

You want every aspect of your landscape to be as aesthetically appealing as possible!

Maintenance Procedures

Whether you do it yourself or you obtain the services of a contractor, these following maintenance procedures will help to enhance the appeal of your property.

Mowing, Edging and Trimming

  • Mow your lawns regularly, but be sure not to cut your turf/grass too short, and it is very important to always use sharp blades for a cleaner cut finish.
  • Trim the edges around all plant beds, trees, fences, paved sidewalks, paved driveways and any surface surrounded by grass/turf.
Landscape Mowing


  • Fertilize your turf/grass areas as per maintenance specifications.
  • For plants under three years old, they should be fertilized 4 to 6 weeks after planting and then 2 or 3 times a year for three years.


Pest Control

  • Inspect your lawns for indications of pest problems. Pesticides must be applied if a problem is noticed, and should then be checked on a regular basis.


Pest Control
  • Plants should be pruned regularly to give shape and fullness to your garden appearance. This is carried out with the use of hand shears.


  • During the winter months is the best time to replenish mulched areas. This should be carried out once a year.

Irrigate Plants Separately

  • Different plants adapt better in different weather conditions. It is wise to plants certain types of plants and shrubs in groups so that they can be watered together.
  • For turf you would use an underground system.
  • For flowerbeds, spray emitters are appropriate for even water distribution.
  • For trees and shrubs, drip irrigation is the ideal type of system.

Hardscape Inspection

  • Inspect your hardscapes regularly for cracks, chipping, loose pavers, efflorescence and staining.
  • All paved areas, such as walkways, pathways, driveways or patios, should be repaired if chipped or loose.
Landscape Hardscapes
  • Stains and efflorescence should be cleaned with the appropriate solution.
  • Pavers should be sealed and re-sealed on a regular basis to maintain its beauty and protection from stains and weather damage.