Landscape Materials Introduction

Landscape and Hardscape Materials


There is a vast range of Pavers that are commonly used for Landscaping features.

Such features include: patios, walkways, driveways, pathways, retaining walls, edging, stepping stones and decking around the pool.

Driveway Landscape Pavers

There is a Paver to suite any theme or style that you want to achieve in your Landscape design, whether it be a more rustic and natural theme, or even a more elegant style. You can choose from; natural stone pavers, brick pavers, concrete pavers, grass pavers and even rubber pavers. The great thing about pavers is that they are available in wide range of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors.

Crushed Volcanic Rock

Crushed Volcanic Rock is commonly used in the Landscaping industry, as a bedding material for drainage purposes, groundcover, pathways, garden material and a hydroponics growing medium. The rock is crushed and screened into various sizes. It has very good drainage properties due to its open structure. It is red in color, so can create a very rustic look.


Pebbles are very popular for use as groundcover, pathway material, a decorative soil covering in garden plots and a surface material for median strips on roads. These small pebbles range in colors from; red, pinks, browns, oranges, ochre and create a very dry rustic appeal.


Timber is commonly used for the construction of pergolas, decking, steps, edging, outdoor furniture and retaining walls. Timber is relatively cheap, widely available and quite east to work with.


It is recommended that you choose to use recycled or salvaged timber for your Landscaping project, rather than new timber. Ensure that you don’t waste timber for it is a re-usable resource. An idea is to use good timber for the face of a feature and treated pine for the hidden structures.


Soil is a valuable resource, so where possible use the existing soil. You should add compost and organic matter to improve the condition of the soils in your garden. It is said that to produce 1cm of topsoil takes the environment around 1000 years; hence it is important not to waste such a precious natural resource.

It is wise to match specific plants to soil conditions, for example; if you have shallow rocky soils, you should use plants that are able to thrive in that type of soil.

Gravel and Stones

Gravel and Stone products are used as decorative mulches for the garden. They will add beauty and appeal to any Landscaping application. Gravel and Stone is sold by the tone.

Landscape Stone


Flagstone is commonly used as a paver for patios, walkways and verandahs, as an appealing flooring alternative. Flagstone is durable, strong and easy to install. It can withstand the harsh effects of weather and high traffic use, while offering a natural rustic appeal.