About Landscape Turf/Grass


What is Landscape Turf/Grass?

Let us consider what the term "Turf" actually means in landscaping terminology. Landscape turf is a synthetic grass that looks and feels like natural grass. There are various advantages and disadvantages to using turf grass and considering the fact many users tend to choose landscape turf because they do not want the time-consuming hassles associated with seeding.   

Landscape Turf

Turf is a synthetic grass that is combined with sand and recycled crumb rubber in order to secure the synthetic turf firmly into the ground and ensure that it looks and feels just likes natural grass. It is a perfect surface to be implemented in areas where outdoor activities take places such as playfields.

A Great Drainage System

Drainage capabilities of turf are most impressive. The turf backing has many tiny holes that allow the water to flow right through to the roots, just as natural grass would.

Basically, a turf surface has the capability to provide environmental, functional and design benefits and is used in various public and private places such as schools, parks, landscapes, & commercial and residential sites.

The Benefits of Turf in Landscaping

The benefits of utilizing turf in your home include:

  • Turf surfaces can minimize soil erosion
  • Protect groundwater
  • Visually aid the look and feel of a landscape
  • Provide an aesthetic forefront for other plants and flora
Turf minimizes soil erosion by allowing its roots to create a groundcover and hence minimizes the breakdown of the soil. Furthermore, an amazing feature of turf is its ability to reduce sunlight glare and noise. Concrete patios and walkways reflect sunlight much more than turf and so this is a significant property because turf can minimizes this visually disturbing light reflecting.

Functional Aspects of Turf/Grass

The functional aspects of landscape turf include its required level of maintenance and suitability for recreational sporting fields. Turf has a high tolerance to wear and is therefore suitable for heavy foot traffic sporting fields such as soccer and football fields. In reference to its maintenance requirements, turf is easier to maintain than most other landscape plants. Watering and pruning methods are not necessarily required in order to sustain a healthy landscape surface.

Landscape turf can enhance the design aspects of a landscape because of its color capability to blend in with other flora and garden surrounds. The short height of turf in comparison to other plants provides a good visual differentiation between the two and also gives a sufficient sense of depth to the landscape.
Turffed Lawn