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Swimming Pool Decks

About Pool Decking

Above ground and in ground pools are very popular choices these days to have in your backyard. Most people try to avoid the over crowded beaches and enjoy their own pools. As it is more relaxing, private, safe and a life time of memories to share with family and friends.

Pool decks are important and beneficial to have surrounding your pool. They create more space for sunbathing, relaxing, enjoying meals, family parties, and even special functions. Pool decks are also a great feature to your backyard design and compliment your pool area.


Natural stone pavers and concrete pavers can be used to design a walkway to the entrance of your pool. Pavers can also be used as the surroundings of your pool creating a paved area.

Pool Deck Materials

 The most common materials used as pool decking are as follows:

  • Timber Tiles
  • Pavers
  • Synthetic Timber
  • Vinyl Timber
  • Traditional Timber
  • Soft Wood
  • Hard Wood
Timber Decking
Timber Tiles

Timber tiles are very similar to floating floors. They are easy to install and add sturdiness to the Pool Deck. Timber tiles can be made to any shape. The installation process is very similar to the way pavers are installed.

Soft Wood

Pool Decking Soft wood is a treated pine. One of the more popular materials used is soft wood. When soft wood is treated it has a longer lasting end use. Soft wood is available in one standard color, but can be stained to change the color, so as to blend into the rest of your pool surrounds.

Hard Wood

 Hard wood has a longer life span then other timber materials. It is more expensive, but will generally out last most timbers. Hard wood does not need to be treated for termites, as it is treated by nature.

Maintaining Pool Decks

Regular maintenance is required for general safety. The timber which has been used to construct the Pool Deck also needs to be maintained to ensure it has a long lasting affect.

Things to Look Out For:

  • Stability of the structure.
  • Unscrewed nails.
  • Check for ants, termites, and other annoying pests.
  • Rust.
  • Deteriorating wood.
  • Poor maintenance.
  • Chipped wood
  • Loose pavers around the entrance of the deck.
Pool Surrounds

If any of the above mentioned occur, and you can not rectify the problem yourself, it is advisable to consult a professional.

Pool Deck Shapes

Deck Design

Your Pool Deck design will be determined by the shape and size of your pool. If your residential property is large you have the choice of constructing a large deck, in any shape possible, which can be well placed away from the home. If your residential property is quite small, you may be limited, to shape choice. In this case choose a shape that best suits your pool, and back yard area.