Landscape Swimming Pool Furniture

Landscape Pool Furniture

About Pool Furniture

Swimming pools are becoming more and more popular nowadays. People are enjoying their own pool as it gives them more privacy and a great place to relax and just hang out with family and friends.

Pool Furniture helps create an outdoor living space; this is where indoor casual living can be transformed outdoors. Especially if you choose to have colored pavers laid out onto a pool area or decking.

Poolside Tables and Chairs

Pool Furniture Materials

Pool Furniture is generally made from cast aluminum, wrought iron, and plastic resin. The benefits of these materials are they’re sun resistant, water resistant, and they’re also durable. Therefore your pool furniture will last longer and also keeps it looking good longer.

Pool Furnishings

Lounge chairs, dining tables, chairs, benches, hammocks, plant holders, umbrellas and pool tables are some of the most popular furnishings that are used.

Lounge Chairs

Pool Furniture

They’re available in many different sizes and shapes. Materials used on the chairs are also available in many types of patterns and colors, the choice is yours. They are available with or without arm rests. You can adjust the sitting position for your own comfort. Lounge chairs are made out of plastic, and treated timber.

Dinning Tables and Chairs

Great place to dine in summer is the outdoors. You can choose the size furniture that best suit’s the area. To give more space and comfort you may use less chairs than required. Dining tables and chairs can be made out of plastic, aluminum, wrought iron or treated timber. Blending colors with all surrounding materials like pavers, gardens, flowers, pool decking will help complement the area.
Pool Dining Table


Benches are available in 2 seaters, 3 seaters, or 4 seaters. Again choose a size that’s best accommodates your needs. Benches are made out of cast iron, wrought iron, treated pine and timber, and aluminum.


Hammocks are a perfect place to relax and enjoy a good novel or magazine. There are two types of hammocks.

  • Free standing.
  • Tied to a tree.

Hammocks are made out of rope, sturdy material, and solid sheets.
They can be found in any pattern and color that suits your backyard.

Plant Holders

 Place your flowers and plants in the plant holders to give more color and add beauty to the surrounding of your paved pool area.

Minimum Maintenance Required

Pool Cushions Due to the materials that are used for pool furnishings little maintenance is required. Plastic furniture can be wiped down with soapy water when needed. Aluminum furniture can be repainted or recoated. There is a range of cushions available in many colors, patterns, and sizes. The cushions are made to add more comfort to all types of outdoor seating.

Coordinating Colors

Color co-ordination is the choice you make. Choose colors that will blend in with the surroundings. E.g., if you have light colored pavers in your pool area or walkway, select a slightly darker color for your pool furnishings.