Swimming Pool Landscaping Introduction

Pool Landscaping

Swimming Pools have become a very popular addition for landscape design projects. They add an appealing focal point or feature, to your new or existing landscape. Installing a pool in your yard provides great entertainment and relaxation value. The pool allows the whole family to spend more quality time together! Pools can also serve as part of an exercise regime, for swimming laps, doing stretches and resistance movements.
Swimming Pool Landscaping

Incorporating a Pool into your Landscape design is a sure way of adding visual beauty, quality family time, entertaining guests, exercise and relaxation into your home. It will not only change the look of your landscape, but it will also change your lifestyle.

Now we will discuss some things to consider when incorporating a swimming pool into your landscape design.

Type of Pool

When deciding on what type of pool you want to implement into your landscape design, you can choose from concrete or vinyl pools.

Concrete Pool to beautify landscape Concrete pools are very versatile and can be made in any shape or size that you request. They do however cost more and take more time to build than other types of pools. Concrete pools really do create a luxurious feel, for you can have any color you desire, which means that the design possibilities are endless.

Vinyl lined pools are a cost effective way of implementing a pool into the backyard. They are little more affordable, with a little less design options.

Vanishing Edge

This is one of the latest hot designs for swimming pools. It is the vanishing edge design, where there is no edge around the pool; this gives the illusion of a never ending water edge. This design option adds very effective and appealing splendor to your landscape and pool design.

Decks and Patios

By adding decking and patios close to the pool area, you will be able to sit and relax by the pool, watch the kids swimming and even entertain by the pool. You can create beautiful patios and decks with the use of various types of paver materials, such as; brick pavers, concrete pavers and natural stone pavers.
Landscaping with Patio and Pool Decking

Rock features add to landscaping design

Rock Features

Create a natural rustic appeal to your pool design by adding rock formations and features. You can use boulders or real rocks, of any size and shape, and implement them around the pool.

Water Features

There are a number of different water features that can be added to your pool and surrounding areas. You can install nozzles into the pool itself or the deck; which will produce brilliant displays of water. Or perhaps you would prefer a waterfall effect going into the pool, creating a type of oasis.

Plant Selection

Be sure to choose the right type of plants for around the pool area. Remembering, some plants will not survive the over-splashing of water for to long. Also keep in mind that some plants attract insects, so you want to stay away from these, for they can disturb plant growth and the people using the pool.
Landscaping around swimming pool