Landscape Waterfalls

About Landscape Waterfalls

Landscape Waterfalls are a great addition as a focal point for you front or back yards. Such water features allow you to create exotic, relaxing, calming, therapeutic and visually appealing Landscape centerpieces. Along with all of these great benefits of installing a Waterfall into your landscape design, is the bonus of adding value to your property, increasing your investment!
Water Gardens

You can design a waterfall that will suite and complement the rest of your landscape hardscapes, such as your patio or driveway pavers. The possibilities are endless.

So when deciding on implementing a waterfall in your landscape design, there are many things to consider and plan. If you’re installing a rather large waterfall, it is advised to work with a Landscape Designer or architect, just someone who can provide you with information so you get the best results possible.


 Let us now discuss some of the most common types or styles of Waterfall features.

Wall-Mounted Waterfalls

Wall Fountain If you find that you really want to add a Waterfall to your landscape but don’t have the room, them these wall-mounted waterfalls are the ideal solution. This type pf waterfall feature is perfect for those living in tall homes or smaller blocks, where the space in the yard is very limited. These types of wall-mounted units are specially designed for exterior wall installations.

Pool Side Waterfalls

This is a very popular type of landscape water feature, the pool side waterfall, where the waterfall is incorporated with the pool water. Great rock features are also commonly combined with these waterfalls, creating the look and feel of a natural spring. Installation of such waterfalls is so easy for most models will be designed to pump into the pool circulation. The great thing is that you can also match up the pavers you have used around the pool with the color or texture of the waterfall feature.

In-Ground Waterfalls

This type of waterfall is very natural looking, with rock formations and boulders. The water comes from underground and up through the display of the rocks and boulders. These formations are created with the use of natural rocks, artificial boulders or concrete products.

European Waterfalls

Eurpean Waterfall These are a very traditional style of waterfall, often made from expensive carved stone. The waterfall is carved into shape, size, figure or sculpture you may desire, creating lovely artistic pieces. They are added to any exterior application, bringing life and art to your landscape.

Manufactured Rock Waterfalls

You can have your very own pre-made rock waterfall custom made at a hefty price and a hefty weight. Or you can otherwise purchase a fiberglass rock waterfall, which can completely imitate the look of natural stone. These will look great put besides your natural stone patios.