Installing Paver Lighting

How To Install Paver Lighting

paver lighting

Paver lighting can be installed into most types of paved surfaces. They can be easily installed on any horizontal or vertical surface, just like you would a brick or a tile.

Paver lights can be used in interlocking pavers with great ease. All you need to do is simply remove the paver and replace it with a paver light.

However, paver lighting can also be installed into concrete, wooden floors, decking and pavers. This covers a lot of popular material used for surface coverings, for inside and outside the home.

Paver Lighting Installation Kits

There are a variety of paver lighting kits available on the market; these kits allow quick and easy self- installation inside and outside (with a light source enclosure) the home.

There are paver lighting kits that use regular voltage bulbs and transformers, or there are kits using fiber optics.

paver lighting installation kit

Paver lighting kits can also be made out of varying materials. You can purchase plastic light fittings, stainless steel and glass fittings. All materials are made with guarantee of longevity and durability.

Whether you choose plastic or stainless steel and glass, all products are made with high quality materials.