Limestone Pavers Applications

Limestone Pavers Applications

Formation of Limestone

Limestone is a natural quarried stone. It is formed in the bottom of water bodies, and consists of shells, fossils and calcium rich compounds. This makes Limestone a very strong and durable stone, and ideal for use as pavers for exterior applications.



Building and Construction

Limestone is widely applied in the building and construction fields, for it is a very strong, heavy stone. This fact has made limestone suitable for roads, sky scrapers and as building blocks. It is also a popular material in the architecture industry. Cement and plaster, two common building materials, happen to be made from crushed particles of limestone.

Limestone is used in building construction. Limestone is a hard and dense material, making it commonly used in the construction industry. It can also be used for earths, mantles, countertops, vanities, fireplace stones and for wrought iron tables.

Regardless of the look you want to achieve, a mason will work with you to custom design and fabricate your Limestone application. It is also possible to choose the type of finish you want, such as a natural or finished edge type.

Limestone Paver

Because Limestone is such a durable material, it is suitable for exterior applications, such as Limestone pavers, Limestone veneer and Limestone curbing. Limestone is a quarried stone, which means that you can have it custom cut and sized, to suit any application.

Limestone is generally used as a flooring material in the

construction industry. It is applied to flooring in; commercial complexes, airports, shopping malls, parks, train stations and hospitals.

Landscaping with Limestone Pavers

Limestone pavers are commonly used for landscaping. For example, patio flooring, swimming pool coping, fountains, flagstones, and walkways. While Limestone is great for the outdoors, but it is also very versatile indoors. It can be used to create unique table tops, vanities and fireplaces.

Limestone is commonly used as a natural flagstone for landscaping projects. Limestone pavers are ideal for use as a coping stone around the swimming pool.

Limestone can also be applied to fountains and benches, making them remarkable features to any landscape. The natural stone material, being Limestone, provides a unique and elegant look.

Landscpaping With Limestone Pavers